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Road to Damascus 3 – Aleppo Great Mosque

Description of Aleppo Great Mosque

Inside the Great Mosque of Aleppo

This mosque was also built by the Ummayad’s and you can tell because of it’s amazing likeness to the Grand Ummayad Mosque of Damascus. This one was built earlier though I think. It’s not as grand as the one in Damascus and doesn’t have it’s history so I guess that’s why it’s called Great instead of Grand ;)

The architecture seemed nice and I particularly like the beautiful calligraphy of various duas along all its interior walls. You can read them pretty clearly they’re all the: Rabbana… duas. Again that day was 112 degrees and I think we came here twice to drink lots of water and pass out.

Look at the last picture there. Know what you see? I didn’t. At first I thought oh wow there are lots of old men here. I guess they come here to do dhikr and stuff cause they’re retired. But then I looked closer as we walked by them and realized it: They’re blind. All of them are blind. I had chills all down my spine…SubhanAllah. We ran back and dug up some change in our stuff to give to each one. I suppose that’s why they’re there, but it was just kinda a freaky experience. I have a whole long journal entry about it that I’ll add someday, inshaAllah :)

Link to the pictures of Aleppo Great Mosque

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