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Road to Damascus 30 – Palmyra Hypogeas

Description of Palmyra Hypogeas

A Palmyra hypogea

The first thing we saw when we rolled into Palmyra in our nice air conditioned bus were these tall little structures everywhere. Some made of loose stones. Others were actual buildings. These are the burial vaults of Palmyra. They buried their dead above ground in these things. We went into the biggest one there and you can see how when you enter there are little drawers on the side for each body and on the front is a picture or bust of the person’s face. Seriously eerie to look at the faces of people who have been dead since the third century A.C. The book called them Palmyra faces of eternity.


Hypogeas actually means underground vaults and I think they had some of those too but they were closed at the time.

Link to the pictures of Palmyra Hypogeas

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