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Road to Damascus 38 – Sandstorm

Description of Sand Storm

View of the sandstorm from our roof

One day while we were in Damascus on the last day in March my flatmate noticed it was getting darker and darker out. It was 2PM and it looked like the sun was SETTING! This really freaked us out and we went outside and started wandering around. We noticed then that it was RAINING MUD. And that it was all over our clothes and when we took a picture you could see these little particles in the air. Then we noticed the cars were covered with a thin layer of the red clay too. Look at the picture of us looking out the window. It was bright NEON ORANGE outside! We thought for a moment the Day of Judgement was comin…. so we went home and called up my brother and he was up on the roof taking a video of everything! So then we called my sister, and she and her husband asked their tutor and he said it was a sandstorm! Apparently extremely uncommon but they do sometimes happen here.

So of course me and my flatmate went out again ‘to experience a sandstorm’ proper and took those freaky pictures of the graveyard and took some video from my sister’s roof. The interesting thing is that when these weird kind of weather things happen in Damascus, everyone goes inside and PRAYS. They make repentance and pray. SubhanAllah!

Link to the pictures of Sandstorm


  • Now that’s what you call a mudbath =0)

  • SubhanAllah. Whoa. I always wanted to see a sandstorm. Didnt it get in your eyes?

    may Allah protect us from harm.

  • well since we wore hijab we had some natural protection ;) but maybe we shoulda let it, it could have been a new facial: clay sandstorm face masque :p