Road to Damascus 39 – Sarouji Beehive Village

Description of Sarouji Beehive Village

Beehive village

In the 1900s a European woman was traveling through Syria as part of a diplomatic caravan. She noticed unusual groupings of houses that looked like beehives. When they got closer they found that these clay shaped domed buildings were actually houses and people lived in them! She was astonished and news of these ‘beehive villages’ spread and became famous. There are very few of these villages left but we were able to visit one that still exists north of Hama.

A mother and her daughters still lived in them and whenever anyone came they would bring them in and serve them tea. You can see us sitting next to a Japanese tourist. There’s also a picture of us with the bedouin mother and her youngest daughter. The beehives are built from thick clay bricks and I guess they must be like desert igloos. The inside was nice and cool in the summer and they said it keeps it nice and toasty in the winter too :)

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  • SubhanAllah! Did the tea taste like honey?

  • funny, very funny :p