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Road to Damascus 4 – Aleppo Khans

Description of Aleppo Khans

An Aleppo khan

Khans also called caravanserai are the ‘Traveler’s Inn’s’ of yesteryear. Aleppo is famous for having some of the oldest and most famous one’s in history. Remember the ‘Prancing Pony’ in Lord of the Rings. Yup these were it. When visitors or caravans used to come into Aleppo they would stop at these inns, along with businessmen from as far away as Italy and all kinds of interesting characters. There used to be places for horses and animals downstairs and the upstairs would be where the rooms were. I think it would be kind of interesting to travel back in time and walk into one of these, don’t u think. ;)

Nowadays the khans have been turned into various things like a carpet market, clothes stores, a school, and even an embassy of some European country!

Link to the pictures of Aleppo Khans

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