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Road to Damascus 5 – Aleppo Souk

Description of Aleppo Souk

Aleppo souk entrance
Aleppo is famous for it’s souk and has been for centuries. The whole thing is completely covered unlike the one’s in Damascus. They are also more organized and have whole areas that are like strictly souks in their own right of hijabs, soaps (Aleppo is famous for handmade olive oil soap), rugs, kitchenware, clothes, candies, stationary, jewelery. You could just wander around these souks for hours. In the old days of course these markets were copperware, spices, blacksmiths, coffeee, camels, silk, mat weavers, pottery, carpenters, vegetables, horses, glass blowers, material dyers, shoes, jewellers, etc. Shopping is more or less the same even though the centuries have changed some of the products!

We met some French tourists that we saw somewhere else the day before and I got to try out my high school French…still pretty good, Je pense ;) Aleppo-ans, Aleppans? are not quite the sharks Damascus shopkeepers are but they were definitely falling all over the tourists. Even Syrians come from all over to shop here because the selection is excellent and the prices were SO MUCH better than the ones in Damascus. I didn’t take many pictures (cuz the minute you whip out a camera you’re marked as a dumb tourist that will pay big bux) but thought it was important to describe this as its an integral part of any trip to Aleppo!

Link to the pictures of Aleppo Souk


  • NIce, that kid looks like a trouble maker
    As salaamu alekum

  • wsalaam, haha u know how we met him? he came up to us while we were in one of the khans that was a carpet souk now and his dad showed us some carpets. then after that the kid follows us and is like ‘miss give me 5 liras… miss 5 liras!!’ so i’m like ‘what r u going to do with it’ and he’s like ‘please miss’ and then i was like ‘tell u what if u can find us an ice cream place i’ll buy u guys an ice cream ok…’ and so we bought the troublemakers ice cream :)