Road to Damascus 6 – Around Damascus

Description of Around Damascus

Travelling markets around Dimashq

These are pictures of various things around Damascus that I couldn’t quite make a whole new category for and wasn’t sure where to stick them. Sorry about the blank spaces…trying to proect the innocent (or the guilty ;)). The first thing you’ll notice is that they hang banners for mawlid (birthday of the prophet saw). Like sayings about him ie We sent him but as a rahmaa for all the worlds. And those cool poster sign things that say Muhammad in calligraphy and kull aam wa antum bekhair. A traditional Arabic saying that means like have a good and happy year.

There’s a few pictures of us in a garden near Souk Hamadiya. Next, the Kuwaiti mosque near our house. No one remembers it’s real name (Masjid Uthman?) but call it the Kuwaiti mosque because of the romantic story behind it. Basically the story goes that a rich businessman from Kuwait came here and fell in love with a Syrian girl. For her mahr she wanted something that would benefit her homeland so he BUILT HER THIS MOSQUE! SubhanAllah what a cool mahr. BTW, it’s a true story cause a lot of natives told us about it.

The little red dome we’re standing in front of is what is left of what was Ibn al Qayyim’s madrassa. Funny now it’s in the middle of a little island of grass that traffic all goes around.

After that there are pics of downtown Damascus, a frame of a mosque being built, some awesome baklava stores, the large building with the clock is the famous Hijaz railway station building. I found some pictures of the SAME building from the early 1900s online and was amazed that it is the SAME. Just everything around it has changed. I guess this is a theme of Damascus. Amazing history that has been preserved in a few precious buildings and areas. Right before the bebzi is our ugly street. Don’t worry it only looks rundown cuz its Syria ;) There’s also some pictures of a nice park we went to and a video of Damascus’s only mall.

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  • Jazakullah kheyrun

    That was again too cool. The gardens are beautiful. And when Arslan (i think thats him in the morrocon galabaya) was walking down that street, it looked a little like Albany with huge minaretts.

  • haha thats funny u recognized him… i thought it was a good opportunity to take a picture that looked all traditional like with him walking next to the minarets… the funny thing is all the syrian men wear pants and shirts!! so when you see a guy wearing a galabaya you know he’s a foreign student ;) and if u see him wearing tims or with a bag slung over one shoulder they’re british!

  • Interesting

    I’ll keep that in mind heh

  • Do you have any pictures of what the students houses look like? Just curious

    As salaamu alekum

  • wsalaam,
    they’re apartments… just like ppl have here just not as nice. there might be some pictures in future blogs not sure…

  • Hey it’s Bebsi not Bebzi. Atleast according to that pic with the bottle in it lol

  • you say tomayto i say tomaato………it’s all good i’ll still drink it ;)

  • Oh aight. You always have an answer for everything :p

  • jee thanx… i think? :p can’t i at least pretend…

  • salams, these pics have just taken me back to syria. i miss the place so much! so u have any more pics of rukeneddin, the houses, the mountain, the souk? i didnt really take any photos of rukeneddin while i was there, but now i wished i had.

  • w’salaam AZMERY MY LOVE !!! i MISS YOU :) yeah i have tons more pictures… you were in a lot of them but i took them all out except the one’s where you’re in the background!!! rukennedin pictures hmmm… i have some of souk jumah so i’ll put that up when the S’s come up!!! give ur family my salams and tell that punk haajirah to write to me, we need to start our adventures in search of mr. darcy!!!