Road to Damascus 7 – Azem Palace

Description of Azem Palace

Fountain at Azem Palace

Azem Palace was once a house of a rich Damascene family – the Azem’s of course ;) This is a spectacular example of what a typically upper-class house in the old city of Damascus looked like. Inlaid stones, courtyards, trellises, fountains, gardens. Did you see the cat picture? Even it seems to go with the house feel.

Somehow we randomly met this very pretty Syrian sister who was engaged to some Syrian guy in England and was going to move there in a few months. She was nice enough to take us around the Old City and Azem Palace and all in English. You should have seen the way the Syrian guys were falling all over themselves when we walked through the souk ;)

Some of the rooms in the Palace were converted into museum displays. So of course I tried to sneak some pictures of them, so you guys won’t have to one day pay actual money to see those cheesy displays. There’s one of what a schoolroom would look like in old Damascus, old musical instruments, one of the famous mother of pearl inlaid wooden furniture Damascus is famous for (BTW that whole room is worth thousands of DOLLARS), and there’s one of a scene of a bridal party, the mannequins are particulary scary. I think there was a jewelry one but I think I got caught by then!

Link to the pictures of Azem Palace

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  • Awww the cat in the pic is so lonely, why didnt u hug it, oh well, maybe next time ;)