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Road to Damascus 8 – Beit Jinn

Description of Beit Jinn

Beit Jinn lake

Beit Jinn is… well I have no idea where it is. I think south/north? of Damascus. Beit Jinn just means the House of Jinn. No one is sure why it’s named that but people say because it’s so far out into nowhere that there must be Jinn out here! My South African friend laughed in the video when I said that.

We came here with a big group from our class including Anisa (my teacher)’s two kids. There’s a beautiful lake and we went for a boat ride, and the kids went on the horses. The views of the countryside as we went and came back from there were just so idyllic as postcards.

We stopped at one point and I saw this really beautiful garden of someone’s and while I was there the mother came out and I started chatting with her and asked if I could take a picture with Shaz there. Then the rest of the class came, and we discovered the turtles and it went about chaotic from that point on. An interesting thing that I remember here is how two stranger syrians interact with each other. When my annisa came over, she said Assalaam alaikum and was so kind and polite, and the other woman was so kind and polite and they kept saying duas for each other. It’s part of the culture in Syria. Like when someone calls anyone they spend the first 15 minutes and last 15 minutes just saying phrases like May Allah bless you, May Allah bless your hands, Allahumma salli…salat on the nabiy etc. Same thing in the stores. It’s really a beautiful akhlaq.

The last few pictures are us at the border. The border of Syria and Israel. There were alot of soldiers here and we were only allowed a few minutes to stop and take a picture of the waterfall here and move on. Behind this waterfall is the Golan Heights and if Israel were to invade or attack Syria this is where it would be from so you can see why they were twitchy.

Link to the pictures of Beit Jinn


  • Did you ride those ponies? Or even go for a swim? =0D

  • Did you ride the ponies? Nice pics! I wonder if they allow people to swim in the water.

  • no but i went camel riding thru the desert at palmyra!! u guys’ll see those pics soon… umm the lake water… pretty polluted and i swear i saw stuff moving in there that didn’t look like friendly fish… u do NOT want to go swimming in there.. there are oceanside resorts though… i go to one later i think it’s the last blog… anticipation ;)

  • I wanna see pics of the Unfriendly fish =0)

  • Did you stick you finger or toe in the water to see if the fish darted for it? lol

  • i was too scared to put my hands in the water… i come from upstate ny and live next door to the hudson where GE has dumped enough toxic junk in there for the gov’t to put out official warnings about eating anything from in there!! ppl have been known to find weird deformed frogs too … scary :o