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Road to Damascus 9 – Bosra City and Ruins

Description of Bosra City and Ruins

Ruins at Bosra

Bosra is a city south of Damascus. Pronounced Boo-saara, not like BA-sra, Iraq or as they say on the news BAAZRA, EYERACK. :o This was an official school trip of brothers and sisters. It was April but already the temperature was climbing. We walked through tons of ruins for hours and I almost passed out (according to Shaz did sorta pass out at the Ibn Kathir Madrassa, you’ll see that later!)

The ruins were interesting and some date to Roman times, but as one British sister said in her cockney accent ‘U seen 1 ruinz u right seenz all of ‘im!’. It’s definitely a touristy place but they were selling some unique items, like the beautiful blue plates with calligraphy. The tall pillar shaped minaret is part of an old mosque called the Mosque of Fatima.

Lastly there are some pictures of some architecturally amazing looking houses that we passed from the bus. Oh and some bedouin tents too!

Link to the pictures of Bosra City and Ruins


  • is Bosra 137 a school?

    Im loving Arslans beard, thats so awesome masha Allah : D

    Beautiful photographs jazakullah kheyrun

    As salaamu alekum warahmatullahi wabarakatahu

  • wsalaam wrt wbt and wa iyyak
    bosra 137 is called the mosque of omar… it dates back to the time of omar [ra] there were tons of school children around at all the sites…as u might have seen in the videos for the bosra amphitheater as it was a holiday of some sort and all the kids went on field trips…including us :)

  • oh doh! u guys haven’t seen those yet… my bad…ignore that whole comment… inshaAllah you’ll see it soon….it’s kinda weird that i can tell the future like that and tell u where we’ll be going in a few days isn’t it ;) ws

  • Lol right, Patiently waiting insha Allah.

    Walekum as salaam

  • Bosra. Is that where Imam Busiri is from (The one who wrote the Burda).

  • ooo interesting question… i looked it up and it says he was born in egypt so don’t really think so? also syrians are really up on their history, if someone even famous stayed the night at a place they know all about it so i think if he was from there our guide or the histories would say something?? w’Allahu alam

  • btw check this out just found it…. a little video documentary on imam busairi’s burdah produced by zaytuna: