Road to Damascus 20 – Jamia Nabulsi

Description of Jamia Nabulsi

Nabulsi Mosque

Jamia just means ‘mosque’. Jamia Nabulsi is a mosque right down the street from our school. I remember going there a few times for taraweeh. The original Shaikh Nabulsi passed away but his son does Jumahs and used to do talks. I believe it was built in Mameluke style and you can see that from the rounded hexagonal minaret. The inside is particularly nice and well preserved, with a typical diwan (raised platform) for halaqat al ilm (study circles).

In all these pictures you can see more closely the different color bands of stones they used to create patterns or alternated when they built things. This is a hallmark of Islamic architecture of this era.

Link to the pictures of Jamia Nabulsi


  • As salaamu alekum

    was that just the sisters side?! ITs really beautiful subhanAllah.

  • nope that’s actually the vip area that is the ‘original mosque’ that no one gets into.. but we got lucky one day ;)

  • salaam, actually ‘jamia’ means a place where people pray Salatul Jumu’ah…. up until about sixty years ago there were only five or six “jamias” in damascus (like jamia umawiyy and jamia hanabilah) and everyone would have to gather in these few masajid for jumuah, though they would have the daily prayers in every masjid. the fact that every masjid has it’s own jumuah now is a fiqhi problem for a lot of ppl, because in the Shafii school you should only have one jummah in a town, or as many as are absolutely NECESSARY. If there ar more than that, it’s considered invalid… anyway, nice pics, it would be a nice place to link to my story about sh. abdul ghani *ahem*…

  • thank goodness ur around to correct me i can’t remember half the things… what did u say about the ibn al qayyim’s thing/ u have a big phat link on the blogroll #1 :P