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Signs You’re Getting Old(er)


Signs you’re getting old(er)…

1.- you remember when Salahs were ringtone free
2. – all kids under 10 call you Auntie/Uncle
3. – you’re not a Twilight fan
4. – you own clothes that went out of style and then came back into style!
5. – everyone at the Mosque prefaces your name with “Sister” or “Brother”
6. – you remember how married ppl were b4 they were married/had kids!
7. – 80s/90s music makes you nostalgic
8. – you’re not in touch with any of your high school friends
9. – you’re addicted to chai/coffee


10. – you need to sleep more than 5 hours a night


the ultimate sign…

11. – little kids won’t accept your friendship requests on facebook!

yes very sad… on a brighter note…happy birthday to my little sister who is now… the above too :)


  • Asalaamu Alaikum

    I doth protest!!

    This post should be renamed ‘Signs you’re getting old(er)’ ;-)

    After all we’re all young at heart? Right? :)



  • walaikum salaam wrt wbt!

    lol you are definitely right bro i’ll change the title!! again we are all shabab until 40 right ;)

  • …12. You know deny you’re getting older when the young ‘uns STOP calling you Uncle/Auntie because no one taught them the english-language word for non-familial GrandFather/GrandMother which is how they wish to address you now. :-/

    13. You remember the Haram with only seven minarets.

    14. YOu know the Yellow Pages are not really web pages.

    15. You know UnCola is, in fact, 7-up.

    16. You remember when was in an sub-directory.

    17. You had a nap in-between reading points 15 and 16 above.

    18. You say chesterfield and no one knows you’re referring to a sofa or couch.

    19. China was something in your kitchen cabinet and not a World Power.

    20. Apple was a fruit.

  • As salaamu alaikum Sis J!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA . . oh wait, crap, I’m OLD!!

    Yeah, 80′s and 90′s music makes me nostalgic . . .

    Addicted to chai . . . . (just made some!)

    Well, I think being called “Brother” is a good thing – I know some younger ones (age 23) who don’t even know that is how any Muslim male is addressed (or same for Sister and female Muslims). It is a reminder of the bond we share.

    Anyways, congrats to Jannah’s little Sisoooooo! YAY!!! *Uncle Anees (pun intended) gives many presents to his NY Sis* – the cool, hip one, not the one who runs a website ;-)
    *runs away before Jannah gives him one up the side of the head*

  • looool those were great himy… esp taking a nap between the numbers!! haha and definitelyyyyyy old skool if u guys remember that!

    thanks bro wcoastbaba *smacks him upside the head with a chappal < — also a sign of getting old(er) :)


  • salaam,

    eep I am definitely in the OLD category… ah well, when I see how crazy these kids act these days I’m sort of happy I’m not part of that jet set of young whippersnappers :P alhamdulillah :)

  • happy bidah day Shazia. And thanks for the entertainment Jannah, as always…