Dec 5, 2006 - news    3 Comments



today we had our first snow flurries of this year. oddly late for this part of the world since it’s december already!!  i don’t think i’ve seen real snow for two years as i was away last year. reminds me how fast time flows… can you believe it will be 2007 soon! and can you believe i have a neice that’s talking and running around… i’m still getting over that i have one. subhanAllah… before you know it i’ll be 90 and still writing in this blog!


  • salaam, wow it’s so late for snow… I thought you guys would’ve been sledding at least once by now :) but it’s good that you don’t have to dig out your cars from the snow…. that’s one thing I def. DONT miss about albany =)

  • Hey. Still no snow except a dusting and that doesn’t count. No, I didn’t read all these blogs… just scanned them a bit. Maybe some day I will read them all. If your interested, check out my myspace…

  • cool jen i’ll check it out!!!