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Standing on the Edge of Broken Dreams


Standing on the Edge of Broken Dreams

I’m standing at a precipice,
at the very edge.
The land I thought beneath me
turning to loose stone.
The wind battling against
my very soul.

Fear carves my insides like
vicious knives.
Nowhere to run.
Nowhere to hide.

Dreams long flown away
like the big black crows
with nests below.

Leaving me here.

Why am I not allowed,
O You who control my fate,
to change my destiny,
and return again?

Can You not fight every force
in the universe against me?
Can You not change every
circumstance around me?

O that I realized the lie before.

That this earth, sky, and rose
were a mocking illusion.
That the frozen rain, thorns and
carrion that eat one’s flesh
after too short a time were
all too real.

My heart calms.
Soon this night of the broken-hearted
will end.
Soon it will mean nothing at all.

No tears now.
No fear.


  • Wow, ma’sha’allah, I really like this one Sis Jannah. I don’t if this is how you are feeling, but nonetheless, its as if the reader is able to really see inside the author’s mind, the struggle or pondering it seems to be going through. Anyways, I’m not one for analysis of writing, but I just really like it on first impression. Jazak’Allahu Khairan for sharing.

  • sorry about the depressing poem. i’ll try to post something more lighthearted later this week :)

  • that was an AWESOME poem mashaAllah.

    freaky picture though :x