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Ten Things I Want to Tell Teenage Muslim Girls

Ten Things I Want to Tell Teenage Muslim Girls

I realllly liked this article and wanted to write something similar but specific to Muslim girls. A few years ago I wrote an article for Muslim girls which is kind of similar but probably for an older age group.

So…. ten things I want to tell teenage Muslim girls….

  1. 1. Stop posting hootchie pictures of yourself on Facebook. Better yet, stop dressing hootchie. I get it, it’s nice to get all the attention and all the boys “liking” your picture and telling you ‘ur so beeeutiful’, ‘ur sooo hawttt’. But in the end what exactly are you doing?? Yeah guys are going to like it, but your rep is your rep. You’ll always be known as that ‘skanky’ girl. Nice to hang out with, look at, or use temporarily. Can’t respect yourself? Why should they? Btw if you want marriage one day to a good guy, no guy is going to come near u with a ten foot pole. Trust me on this.


  1. 2. Don’t use Fair n’ Lovely. Don’t use diet pills. Don’t use hair straightener. Don’t wear green contacts. Just don’t do anything to yourself that you don’t want to do. Society has ridiculous standards. I’ll tell you right now, you’ll never be thin enough, white enough/tan enough, pretty enough etc. Advertising wants you to feel bad about yourself, that’s how they sell products. Also, America has yet to realize the beauty of other cultures, ie Indian beauty dark hair and eyes, Malaysian beauty, Sudani beauty etc etc. You’re beautiful the way you are. And don’t forget it.


  1. 3. Avoid dramas & stop trying to be with the popular girls. Do you know where the popular girls end up usually? Yeah. Nowhere. Now the smart girls, the brainy girls, the one’s with goals, and thoughts and crazy ideas. They do great stuff in life. Now, what’s with all the drama with girls. Why start it, why get involved? What’s the point? Think about all your past dramas. Did they help you in any way in life? Did you gain anything at all? Don’t waste your time and energy. And do yourself a favor and stay away from the girls who like to surround themselves with drama too. Recognize that some ‘friends’ are always going to be ‘frenemies’. Just stay away from them, you’ll thank me one day. ;)


  1. 4. Don’t start a relationship you can’t finish. Having a ‘boyfriend’ ie someone you talk to all the time and hangout with even if you don’t call them ur boyfriend is not worth it. Besides being Haram, you can’t really do anything about it at this age. It’ll cause a ton of drama and hurt and feelings throughout these years when you should be concentrating on developing yourself. Do you really want to wake up in your 20s ready for marriage when you have a string of past failed relationships behind you. Yeah it’s ugly. Don’t do it.


  1. 5. You can be pretty ugly inside. Yep you. What’s inside? Things like honesty, compassion, modesty, faith, love, Allah consciousness? Or is it jealousy, backbiting, lying, ignorance, and hate. Yeah. Work on the insides just like you try to prettify the outside! Being spiritual and working on your character is essential to being a better girl and Muslim.

  1. 6. Do all your prayers and fasts. For some reason this society teaches you that you’re a little kid until you’re 18. In Islam, you’re an adult at puberty! You’re responsible for your 5 prayers and fasting in Ramadan. Even if you miss some prayers because ur at school or Fajr, make it up as soon as you can. I know one sister who has been praying an extra prayer with every prayer, and she’ll have to do this for YEARS to make up for what she neglected when she was a teenager.


  1. 7. Read! Please for the love of Allah read. Doesn’t matter if it’s Twilight or the Hunger Games, but read something. Reading just makes you a more interesting, intelligent and cultured person. Something you want to be! (I hope :))


  1. 8. Don’t let a guy use you. Guys in their teenage years like to explore and have friends that are girls. It makes them feel like they have someone. But it doesn’t last. They still have a ton of years to go through high school experiences, college and so on. Don’t get all entangled and dependent on a guy.


  1. 9. Do stuff. Don’t just sit at home watching ur favorite CW show and doing ur nails. Volunteer with an organization, get involved with the Mosque youth group, start things in your community. Try different things. Go to classes and Halaqas and start learning. Older people always say this ‘is the best time in your life’ blah blah. But yeah it can be, so don’t waste it!


  1. 10. Your parents love you. Growing up here we’re always trained to think of our parents as our enemies. They’re just so annoying and wrong and don’t understand and make us do stuff we don’t like and curb our freedom! But they’re also the only people in the world that have your back and love you unconditionally. Don’t forget that.

    …especially when the zombies come :D



  • I appreciate the effort. Cool thinking and wonderful ideas. May Allah bless you.

  • Jazakallah for the tips Sister. As a teen myself, those are definitely tips I wish I had come across a few years back – I’m definitely going to keep them in mind!