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Things I learned the Hard Way…



Things learned the hard way in London ;) :

  • Always carry an umbrella. Because if you don’t, it will rain.
  • “Brilliant” = “Wonderous and wonderful item”.
  • There’s a Muslim girl uniform, it’s black Jilbab and big patterned scarf.
  • It’s better to ask other visitors or ex-pats about tourist stuff than Londoners.
  • Sweaters are actually jumpers (closed) or cardigans (open w/buttons).
  • You actually have to physically touch your Oyster travel card to the reader ‘in’ at every stop as well as ‘out’.
  • Many people are racist against Hijabis.
  • “Bloody”= bad word.
  • You’re not supposed to eat, talk or look directly or indirectly at any person(s) on the trains.
  • Stuff is open limited hours on Sundays by law.
  • They claim to hate all things American, but watch all their TV shows and movies and celebrities.
  • Bespoke is just a word that means they can ‘tailor’ or ‘personalize’ the product for you.
  • Parents let their kids go wild at the Mosque; and no one says anything.
  • Sometimes all trains at certain places just don’t run on weekends because of football (soccer) games.
  • “Wicked” = “Awesome”.
  • Formal, long, flowery texts should be sent before and after visiting someone.
  • Vitamins is pronounced “VEET-amins”.  Aluminum is “almoonium”. Ad. infinitum. They pronounce everything different, and claim everyone else is wrong b/c “they invented the language”.
  • If a bus doesn’t say on the front where it’s going, don’t get on it.
  • When it’s cold inside and out, the only thing you want to do is stay in bed under the covers all day.
  • “Bollocks”= bad word.
  • Christmas “crackers” are actually fire crackers and not a snack food.
  • They love doing things “the traditional way” i.e. manual cars, racks for drying clothes, separate taps for hot and cold.
  • You never actually meet that nice new friend you made at some dinner/lecture again.
  • Having a paperback novel on the train makes life infinitely better.
  • You’re officially a Londoner when people ask YOU for directions.
  • “Cheers” = “Thank you very much, hope you have a nice day”.
  • No one wears jeans here unless you are a foreigner.
  • A 3-bedroom house in America can basically buy you a balcony in London.
  • Never be the first to mention your Mosque/Shaikh/Islamic affiliation.

and lastly ladies and gentlemen (learned after a 3 minutes tense staring contest between me and the cashier),

  • You have to bag your own groceries. :D


  • salaam, LOL…… that last one happened to me when I went to your “Sahhhhnsbury’s” (or however you pronounce it)… First of all the lady was sitting down throughout the transaction… I was like, where’s my chair? If you get to sit down then I should get to sit down too! Then I waited for her to bag the groceries while she just stared at me until I just asked her, “Oh I have to put them in bags myself?” I was like what a gyp, in Texas they even help you bring your stuff to your car!!! SMH British ways… our ways are so much better wouldn’t you say ;)

    • Ws, haha ur funny s. Totally agree America is so much better on the convenience factor for everything!!