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Things to do for Eid!

Yayyyy Eid is almost here and as usual the conversation goes something like this:

me: wat are you doing for Eid?
friend: I dunno, what are you doing?
me: I dunno, nothin.
friend: me too. let’s do something.
me: Ok, What do u wanna do?
friend: I dunno, what do u wanna do?
me: I dunno, what is there to do?
…. etc!!! :)

And there’s no doubt Eid gets extremely lonely for converts and single ppl :( So here are some suggestions on things ppl can do:

1. Definitely take the day off from work and school! Otherwise it will feel just like another day. Also, dress up!!

2. Find some recent converts in the community and invite them over for lunch (or eat out somewhere).

3. Look for some not so well-off families in the community (kids whose father’s are in jail,etc), buy some presents for the kids, wrap them and bring them over to their house on Eid day!

4. Spend some time baking some yummies and bring them with you to the Mosque on Eid or the night before to share.

5. Have an Eid party at your house. Invite friends to come back to your place after the Eid prayer for lunch.

5. Go shopping and spend some Eidi!

7. Go to the movies?

8. Do some things that *you* really like to do! Like just for yourself. ie read a nice book, take a bubblebath, laze around the house, go for a walk, go to the park.

9. Help organize a community Eid dinner or kid’s Eid party in your community!

10. If all else fails…Go somewhere else for Eid. Go visit friends or family in a different city to make Eid more exciting ;)

Happy planning and an early Eid Mubarak to all :)

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