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Top 10 benefits to wearing Hijab

Top 10 benefits to wearing Hijab:

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  • 1. The college-age grocery checkout guys call you “ma’aam’ and ‘miss’.
  • 2. Little old ladies say they love the print on your scarf.
  • 3. Soccer players on planes ask you why you wear that ‘headgear’ giving you a chance to (ask if they know Posh and Becks!) make Dawah .
  • 4. You have a whole other accessory to mix and match with.
  • 5. No need to spend an extra ½ hour styling your hair everyday (equal to 5-6 snooze buttons worth of extra zzz’s yayy)
  • 6. You can pretend you’re Greta Garbo getting away from the parapazzi.
  • 7. Women co-workers think your hair is ‘sooo beautiful’ when they see it in the rest room ;)
  • 8. You can confound ppl by telling them ‘no you’re not from Ay-rab’ you’re from the Bronx, thank you.
  • 9. Strangers say ‘Salaam’ to you.
  • 10. You can color your hair purple or blonde and/or with blue streaks… and no one will ever know! :)

…And lastly and most importantly…….You are pleasing Allah and inshaAllah will be rewarded.

Hijab Styles

Hijab Styles


  • hahahahha. I LOVED This post! And i liked your list. andddddd i loved the cartoon. hilarious, yet so true. especially the christmas tree. hahaha

    thank you for the laugh. :)

  • ooo, you forgot cell phone hijab!
    very handy for multi-tasking :)

  • cute :)