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Ugh… no tooth fairy for me…


so it’s 5 am and i’m wide awake and in pain. my tooth is killing me… it’s been aching like this on and off for weeks. i know, i know, why don’t i go to the dentist right!! easy for you to say but i don’t have dental insurance! what if i need a root canal and it costs $1400…ugh.. why oh why didn’t i go to the dentist before when i did have insurance… well i did like once or twice but they were such evil, mean people i didn’t go again.

big mistake.

and maybe i should have started drinking diet a long time ago. and like brushing after every meal, chewing that dental gum stuff, and flossing twice a day and using the extra-powerful-itsaysitsorange-butitsreallyhorrible-listerine stuff.

yes dawn is a good time to bring out all the regrets. while we’re at it i can regret a lot of other things in my life. like not going away for college, not waiting a few years to do my masters, not staying in syria longer the first time, not trying harder to get married way back years earlier… well gee this could go on forever… and while it’s somewhat distracting me from the pain it’s not helping.

i think at this point i start praying. excuse me a min.

ok back, yeah what is it with us humans we only pray when we are in pain and need something . whatever happened to praying to be thankful for something. when is the last time i actually did that? probably at hajj.

never grateful, never grateful, isn’t that what our problem is. we never stop at what we have and are content with it. we always want more, the big screen tv, the bmw, the iphone. (well perhaps the iphone would make us happy for a lil while at least) but it wouldn’t last for long… we’d want something else. so we keep asking Allah for more and more and more and do we thank Him for what we already have.

yeah these are all rhetorical questions that i don’t really want to answer either.

allright i’ll let you guys RUMInate on all that. (get it… reference to previous poetry post..ha..ha) while i go pray fajr and pray for a miracle.



  • assalaamualaikum..lol…i totally agree with you on the whole denist and oral hygene issue…i hope inshaAllah your pain goes away..try oragel to numb the pain..(although that doesn’t get rid cause of the pain)…i also totally agree with what you said about paryer..subhanAllah…so often do we forget all the blessings we have (and remember to give shukr for)..until its too late and we no longer have those blessings….
    fi amanillah

  • As salaam alaikum.

    I know exactly how you feel — the same thing happened to me a while back. It

    Its funny as soon as the pain starts people become the best and most diligent little flossers/brushers/mouthwash users…

    It is often the same with our iman, as we approach death we become a little most focused on doing what Allah (swt) wants.

    Wa salaama,


  • Hows the pain? i remeber the excuriating pain …right berfore i had to get a root canal….after that it was the end of juice,soda, sugar over 12 grams lol

    now i make sure i brush before i go to bed and wake up and pray that allah keeps my teeth in good health. lol

    inshallah your tooth problems are gone.

  • hope you feel better soon :)

  • UPDATE: well went to the dentist finally. i actually had one little cavity a while back and i just really hated this place that i was going to because they were so horrible so i just never went back thinking i’d get it filled later…but of course then there was all the travelling blah blah blah…two years later now it’s gonna be a root canal and $1200-$1500 nice huh… let this be a lesson for all of us!!! make sure u make the time to go to ur dentist no matter what!!

  • alhamdulillaah..glad to know you’re better now…
    that’s pretty much the story of my life/teeth too…and I completely relate to the ‘dentists are mean evil people’ bit too…my husband’s one :)

  • Uh,no, I hope you feel better now dear:)