Apr 2, 2010 - poetry    4 Comments

Why do you wear that


He asks me,

why do you wear that,

I say, how can I explain

the sweetness of faith

to one who has never tasted

the sweetness of honey.

How can I explain

the coolness of my eye

to one who never

lived in the desert.

How can I explain

beauty and majesty

to a heart that’s blind.

I too wander and am weak,

I too wish others could see


but I won’t give it up.

It’s mine.

I have lived in the light

and I won’t be oppressed

into the darkness.


  • certainly, the covering cloths enhance the value of the wearer.

  • MashAllah sister, I love this poem. Its a great reminder of why I wear Hijab.

  • MashaAllaah! It’s what makes us Muslimahs beautiful, reserve, and UNIQUE! :)

  • You think what she wears is scary
    But you have not judged her fairly

    She wears what she does to please her Lord
    And you wear your clothes to displease your Lord

    Think not that she envies you with what you wear
    Qualities which you have are abundant, but hers are rare

    You may think her as simple & in your eyes low
    But in the sight of her Creator her status daily may grow

    She wishes nothing to be like you so think not that your better
    Her weight of respect & honour in comparison to you is like a mountain to a feather

    You run after fashion like a dog after his bone
    She runs towards her Lord’s obedience, because to this she has sworn

    While you embark on a journey which can lead to hell
    Her Lord has honoured her with a status from which you fell

    You think you feel sorry for her because what she has to do
    But in reality she is pleased with herself & wishes nothing to be like you

    Your tongue is full of filth with regards to her choice
    She is the symbol & honour of Islam & to that we the Muslims rejoice

    So offend her not, nor think of yourself as proud
    Remember a day will come when we the Muslims will bury you with only a shroud