Would u stick to ur requirements even if u never marry?

I am not settling or compromising ever even if I never get married!
- 2 (22.2%)
I would relax them in order to get married!
- 7 (77.8%)

Total Members Voted: 7

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Author Topic: Would u stick to ur requirements even if u never marry?  (Read 4499 times)


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Re: Would u stick to ur requirements even if u never marry?
« Reply #15 on: Apr. 27, 2009, 09:05 PM »

Thank you sister, finally someoen who agrees with me. I agree with this point :D


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Re: Would u stick to ur requirements even if u never marry?
« Reply #16 on: Apr. 29, 2009, 11:05 AM »

 A very good question. In fact three, first is not marrying for for requirement, second is  compromise on requirements, and thrid is why not now.
 The answer to first question is--YES I will compromise on my requirements but definitely would like to get married.
 Though I as single, I live with a highly busy schedule to grow professionally and personally, I enjoy and cherish it.  I do everything on my own, Alhamdullaih, never felt any problem in cooking, cleaning and laundry work for myself. Actually,  I dont need some to do this for me ;) If Mohammed SA can do it why not me. 
 I enjoy my single life, socially and financially free, comfortable, and working in a high profile company.  On the other hand, I want to get married for sure and as soon as possible. The reasons are
 1. It is sunnah
 2. Allah SWT blessed me with al most everything Alhamdullaih and specially financial freedom and high profile contact, I am affraid of not being  able to protect myself for a long time so ....
 3. I strongly believe that Inshallah I can run a wonderful muslim family. I can give my childeren the best education in the world and make
 them superb muslims, Inshallah.
 Second question was about compromising at some requirements.
 Alhamdullaih I kept them simple. For me
 1. Deen -- Sorry!!! I can not compromise on this no matter what. If i dont get one who is religious (which is not possible now a days), I will wait. Hijaab, I consider it as a symbol of commitment to certain level. I can not go for someone who is not wearing hijaab. If someone wants to cover her face after marriage I would definitely stand for her, where ever I live or go Inshallah.
 2. Beauty -- Before asking for Angelina, i check myself, I m not Brad Pitt so...
    I would close my eyes and go for someone who is above average in looks slim and simple, with a descent height.
    My looks are above average and I m little over average hight of a man and very sportive :) so just look for similar. I think I can
    compromise a little on this.
 3. Education -- I m looking for university grad, if I get one that is excellent Alhamdullaih. Otherwise I can compromise to a considerable extent.
 4. Social/ Family Status - I really dont care this ;) Alhamdullah we will make this on our own with help and grace of Allah, the Almighty.
 The last question was about why not now..
  Thats why I m here :)
  Alhamdulliah I meet people check them on these lines. see thier intensions and move ahead. The moment I feel someone is close to my requirements Inshallah, I will go ahead. And consider her as the best I can get (more precious and beautiful than Angelina- atleast for me) Inshallah.
  It was great writing this. Answering this made me clear what I m looking for Alhamdullaih.
  Thanks to Jannah for a great question.. and Muslimah21, I 100 % agree with you.


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Re: Would u stick to ur requirements even if u never marry?
« Reply #17 on: May. 19, 2009, 06:10 PM »

I would compromise no ones perfect, but its essential to marry a person who would be willing to cope with u in life!

for instance i wanna live a life inshalah where its nt fused with lots of dong stuff to help the poor, i dnt wnaa marry someone who would nt be happy in thesse goals.


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Re: Would u stick to ur requirements even if u never marry?
« Reply #18 on: May. 19, 2009, 06:31 PM »

Hahahaha men never cease ot amaze me... zaheddec that is pretty shallow. You think you look above average... dont blow your own horn now! OMG!  :D :D :D

What if you find a girl who is perfect but she is not on yoru scale attractive, infact she is below average. what then you will refuse to marry her? Even though her character is near perfect, her deen is the envey of all the sisters.? Man you gota think about that.
Maybe allah will give you someone who is nto pretty but is good for you for this life and the next.
Men can be sooo shallow. Why dotn i just ask for prad pitt and not make any compramise or budge on it? well i would probably end up living alone or marry some air headed man who does not know islam. wake up and smell Reality!!


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