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Author Topic: Reward on Nurturing  (Read 1712 times)


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Reward on Nurturing
« on: Jan. 03, 2010, 10:11 PM »

Been posting in the wrong section. Sorry.
Got another hadith and tafsir in an email, as per below

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: "From the instant of conceiving up to the delivery and nursing of the baby, the woman gets the same reward as the one who has been appointed to guard the boundaries of Islam and remains steadfast for Jihad. If she dies during this period, she gets the reward of a martyr." [Kanz]

This hadith is another great incentive for a woman to do by her child that which is in the best interest of the mother and child anyway. In Allah's great mercy, He not only pointed out the best practices, but also promised immense reward, should we do what is in our own best interest. So great is His love for us, and His desire that we do what is best for us.

Besides the mother's exclusive opportunity to be rewarded for such acts, she enjoys vast authority and status in addition to her spousal rights. In her role of motherhood she has an unquestionably privileged position. The following is a very brief but exact picture of these Islamic teachings. “We have enjoined man to respect his parents; his mother bears him in weakness upon weakness, while his weaning takes two years. Thank Me as well as your parents; unto Me is the journeying.” [Quran 31:14]
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