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Author Topic: Would you marry from another sect? we are all muslims at the end of the day  (Read 7552 times)


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Personally,, I feel that their needs to be balance. We need to worry about ourselves and make sure we are doing what we should but at the same time we should care about other people to the extent we share to them what we learn not for the point of judging them but for the point of them having power, "knwoeldge is power."

It's because Islam is not an individualistic religion, we live in communities.

And the companions said, "we never considerd a person leaving an action to be kufr except salah." But how much salah does a person leave? maybe they pray once in a while or at home...that's why a person who doesn't pray, we shouldnt call the person kafir, that won't bring good, but we should teach them and be patient make dua for them. It's like somebody doing drugs, nobody will deny the person smokes but we wont just leave him to die, especially if he is a loved one or relative. Leaving salah is worse then smoking cuz it kills the soul:'(


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thank you so you agree we shouldnt call them kuffar :D :D :D

and also a man you see pray at the mosque how do you know he does the same at home? Allah as spoke of this in the quran. A man who does it for show infrotn of people. but his relgiion is non existant when he is at home alone. he does the oppsoite. Subhanallah and these are the people allah talks about. They are the hypocrites dont you think??

You can guide, but to enforce. when it haram to force a person.. if it is no in thier hearts then you have not helped that person on the day of judgment becuase they have not changed. you have only perhaps made them resent iIslam and you. When you are meant to be doing your best for people to like you and love you.


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ok salamualykum brothers and sisters saifullah is here ;)
sheikh and muslimah...may Allah give you the guidance to choose the right partner and raise pious children Ameen!
muslimah and sheikh please dont insult each other it just leads to sin.
Allah chooses the partner for you.
if she wants to marry a shia then its her choice
muslimah if your future partner is pure and stuff then good for shouldnt say that we should be like him,we should be like Prophet Muhammed pbuh.
if you dont agree then dont comment on the same thread it will lead to this.


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salaamu alaikum..

hhmmm this is an interesting subject...because one of Allah's direct commands to us as muslims is that there is to be no divisioin or different sects....but here we are today in modern times ...I never have read anywhere in the Qu'ran were Allah calls us anything but muslims....when these questions of Identifying ourselves as subclasses of muslims come to surface..the correct answer should be..I'm just a Muslim...what about the muslims who only read Qu'ran? are they not muslims too? the Qu'ran says that a muslim is someone who submits his/her self to the will of Allah.and believes in his oneness, in the message that he literally put into the prophet muhammed's mouth
(PBUH) and for that matter all the prophets who came with his message (PBUT) ,his angels,and the last day..Alhamdullah...Allah is very direct and to the point....he does not beat around the bush..he says what he means..and that's it!! I personally feel very blessed and most fortunate to have been born in my country America..and also that I am your typical American with my own mind..I wasn't raised with any beliefs...but I will tell you this (smile) when I was 4 or 5 years old I know because I remember ..I used to just pray to GOD,
no spooky mathematical impossibilties none of that..just this simple one GOD..all are born with La Ellaha Illallah...It is HARAM to backbite any muslim..Judgement is not ours to is Allah's ALONE to make...let me ask you this..who's teachings do you follow?? the teachings of ALLAH? or the teachings of MEN??  you see If I go and kill a soldier in combat this is Halal..but if I kill him with a a bazooka or rocket launcher..and it destroys a little nest of birds and tree's I have now killed innocent muslims..Islam is a very natural and spiritual way of life...follow your instincts brothers and sisters and remember if you have a question..go to the Qu'ran and ask Allah for gu'idance will not be disapointed..nor will there be any confusion or doubt.
               salaamu alaikum


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There is no such things as sects in Islam!! It's all madeup stuff!! Were there sects wen Islam was at it's roots!! A big no!! So ppl it's time we wake up n see wat Islam really is bfore thinking of marrying someone of another!! Sect!!!!!:)


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I think it's a bit too easy to say that, in terms of marrying someone, as long as someone is a good Muslim, it doesn't matter what their sect is.

This has been quite an issue for me since I started looking to get married. I don't care much for sects, but I have found that it's extremely important that a husband and wife hold similar Islamic ideas. I could not marry someone if I truly believed that the fundamentals of their Islamic thinking was wrong, or that their practise of Islam was wrong. And I'm not talking about little things like praying in a slightly different way etc. But something that you truly believe takes you outside the folds of Islam. Or at least something that makes you feel very uneasy. It would be too difficult watching them do what you think is wrong. It wouldn't allow you to fully practise your deen together.

For me, it seems the same as marrying someone who has a different view of marriage to you.


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Asalam waliykum warahmatu allahu wa barakatu.

Anyway what do you guys think? would you marry someone from a different sect.? if they were open minded and you likewise? Are we all muslims and should keep the ummah togther? What are your thoughts?
If not why wouldnt you? what problems do you think may arise? would you nite pick at the way they pray or the way they make Wudu? is that more important then character and piety??

For me i would consider marrying anyone (obviously any muslim) as long as they are devout brother who practices. Inshallah


Jazakallah khier

Salams Sis,

My answer is No.

I would not marry someone from another sect such as a Shia, etc. As long as she is a Sunni Muslim, I am happy with that and that's just my preference.

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