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Author Topic: Need some Emergency Opinions!  (Read 852 times)


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Need some Emergency Opinions!
« on: Aug. 08, 2010, 09:26 PM »

I'm interested in your opinions.

Here's what happened:
Mom tricked my 18yo sister into visiting our "dying" grandmother in Iraq.  Mom then forced her to marry my cousin (son of my uncle AND my aunt).  Mom then left her there and is back in the states.

Background about the family seems necessary, so here goes:
--Parents are both Iraq-born/raised, and moved to the US about 25 yrs ago.  Both are pretty Muslim.
--My siblings and I are fully Americanized.  I'm atheist and my 3 other siblings are trending in that direction too.
--Parents are divorced.  It was messy.
--Mom is ultra-religious and superstitious.  She believes things like TV and Facebook lead to teen pregnancies.  She also believes in magic and things like palm reading.  She claims my sister wanted to get married.
--Every time the topic was brought up here, my sis expressed disgust at the idea of marriage at such a young age (not to mention the whole cousin thing).
--Dad is apathetic about the situation, but gave his approval so as to not upset his side of the family (another shakey relationship).
--None of us have money for an attorney right now, though I could probably use credit cards or loans for a few thousand dollars.
--Tried contacting my sister, but haven't received a response via email; don't know her phone number over there.
**Note that this was a forced, not arranged, marriage**

There's plenty more info, but that should suffice.  Here's where I need your help:
--Which parts  of what happened is considered proper in Islam?  Which are improper/haraam?  Can you please back up your statements with (ideally) excerpts for the Qur'an or links to religious leaders' opinions?

Thanks in advance, everybody.

*I'm reposting this in different categories for more exposure*


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