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Assalam u alkium,

I hope ur alll in the best of health and imaan,Inshallah. The GPU is very soon inshallah and will be having a marriage event there, i was just wondering what everyones view on this were, do u think its worth visting? Or that it will be a waste of tym?  Do u think it may be halal way to find a partner?, I am asking these questions and not even sure if i can persuade my brother to go to the marriage event dept...Let me know please would be interesting to see ur guys opinion.

Kind regrds


Walaikum salam,

Curious what they do there? What type of program is it? Or is it just a booth or something?

Salam, I don't know about a marriage event being held at GPU sounds really bizarre for me. It'd be weird taking your wali to the event, would kind of feel claustrophobic & too busy. How would you enquire etc? Can you have meaningful conversation with a potential spouse when there's so many people? Oh also, like above post said, how would it work in a booth? Photographs & CV etc (kinda like an ad)? Or kind of like speed dating?

Just seems bizarre & surreal for me. Maybe it's just me, my personal opinion. However, I'd be really interested to know if anyone else has knowledge of how the marriage event would work at GPU.

Anyway, gutted that I can't go to GPU this year, my siblings wedding clashes with the date. :(

JazakAllah khair for your responses, i think my gut feelings were kinda put forward by you both. I haven't a clue how they are going to be organising it...and it's true inshallah there are going to be alot of ppl there so how will it be catered for, speed dating style doesn't sound attractive.However, on a lighter note, i do know of a sister who met her husband at the GPU event last year, but it wasn't through any type of marriage event...I think im more excited about the other features of the event than the marriage service.


You should definitely go and also check out whatever they have matrimonialy. Hey if it works for you good'll be married!!!  ;D Those huge Islamic conventions are really great for meeting people, like friends of friends, family friends etc. So many people have gotten married that way just by being introduced to new ppl there. From what I've read and heard (sorry not firsthand) of matrimonial events in the states... basically it's a big dinner. There's a speaker that talks about some topic. Girls and guys are there with maybe a friend or a family member. They sit at tables with 10 guys/10 girls. Or the whole room is together and everyone will go around and introduce themselves.

Sadly one of the articles I read mentioned that the "prettiest girl" got all the attention of the guys. They all took her phone no./email and the rest were not contacted. Which makes sense because these things are designed for first impressions/surface glances. The other thing I was told is that there's just such a huge diverse group of people, from 20-40, divorced, unmarried, guys who don't want hijabis etc. It's extremely hard to find someone even from the pool that's there!

Well things to think about, but I think you should go and check it out inshaAllah for yourself :)


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