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Author Topic: Alarming divorce rates amongst Muslims!  (Read 11231 times)


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Re: Alarming divorce rates amongst Muslims!
« Reply #15 on: Oct. 19, 2009, 02:53 AM »

Asalam Alaikum everyone

Mashallah sr. Jamilah mabrook for taking shahaddah, almost a year now alhumdulillah

It's hard going into marriage because we always hope for the best.

If my ex wasn't violent, I would have been able to stay with him because I accepted him as he stood. After all, that is what I would want for myself.

But he was so unpredictable and unreasonable with his anger, I thought he was depressed, needed help - it made things worse to try to seek professional help.

My best friend who is a doctor believes he may be bipolar. I pray for him every day to be happy and healthy inshAllah ameen, He is back in Africa now, my hope is he is feeling better and remarries someone from his own culture.

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