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Author Topic: Muslim Marriage Events - Introductions and Dinner  (Read 2774 times)


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Muslim Marriage Events - Introductions and Dinner
« on: Dec. 02, 2010, 12:22 PM »

Here at our aim is to organise events where single Muslim's can meet each other, solely for the purpose of seeking an ideal marriage partner.

All our events take place within a safe, halal environment, in the presence of an Islamic Scholar thus ensuring attendees feel comfortable, relaxed and get the most out of their time at the event.

This event will give you an opportunity to meet up to 144 serious, genuine, professional Muslims on a face-to-face basis, all of whom have the same goal of seeking their ideal marriage partner.

Attendees also have the option of bringing along a mahram/chaperone for support but they will also need to purchase a ticket. Please note places are limited and tickets need to be purchased in advance. Tickets will not be sold on the door.

 - Up to 144 singles at the event (50:50 male to female ratio)
 - Face-to-face introductions
 - 3-course buffet lunch Refreshments provided throughout the day
 - Imam on hand to answer any marriage related questions
 - Prayer facilities and breaks provided
 - A safe, halal environment
 - Helpful staff on hand to facilitate introductions
 - Comfortable private venue Post event match making service

The venue:
King George is an executive conference and Banqueting centre. An elegant and modern venue. Conveniently located on the A12, the main arterial road into the heart of London and with fast tube connections to East London and the West End. This unique venue is the perfect setting for your Wedding Reception.

Format for the day:
After the initial registration (approx. 10.30am) there will be a short introduction by the event organisers who will also explain in more detail how the event works. After this you will be split in to smaller groups (half male/half female) and you will have the opportunity to converse with each of the participants in that group. Once you have had the opportunity to do this, the male members of the group will then move onto another group and so forth, until you have met all the prospective spouses in the room.

The day will be split into two halves with a break for lunch and prayer in between. A 3 course buffet lunch will be provided and this period will also give you further opportunity to mingle.

Please note at no time will anyone be left in a secluded area, the event will take place in an open plan space to ensure all participants feel safe, comfortable and relaxed and the event remains halal.

A Muslim scholar will also be on hand to explain the importance of marriage and to answer any marriage related questions you may have.

The event will end around 5.00pm but there will be an opportunity to arrange some further time with anyone who you felt could be compatible. If you're a bit shy, you can do this by approaching one of the event organisers who will then arrange this for you.


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Re: Muslim Marriage Events - Introductions and Dinner
« Reply #1 on: Dec. 03, 2010, 03:29 PM »


I think it is great that there are organisations in our community making efforts to bring single people together. May Allah reward their efforts. However, I must say that I feel uncomfortable when there is a charge of around 60 pounds per person for these events. I feel that getting married is becoming increasingly difficult and it is unfortunate if anyone tries to exploit the situation. I do understand that to run a professional event takes time, effort and money but I do request that costs and prices should be kept within reasonable limits.

Thank you.


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Re: Muslim Marriage Events - Introductions and Dinner
« Reply #2 on: Dec. 03, 2010, 03:43 PM »

Good point ponderer. I feel the same about matrimonial sites/big convention events. So now only the rich will get married lol.  How about asking the local Mosques or Muslim organizations or even businesses! for sponsorship to bring the costs down. Could be something that would help.



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Re: Muslim Marriage Events - Introductions and Dinner
« Reply #3 on: Dec. 03, 2010, 04:11 PM »

Salam all, I agree with Ponderer & Jannah's point. Much of these Marriage Events are very expensive and then the expense of the wedding! Nowadays, apparently the engagement party is like a mini wedding reception! 
I totally understand how expensive weddings are as my younger brother got married in late October. The figures spent on this wedding by both sides was astronomical!
Anyway Ponderer, there's another event coming up soon.. London too. Check out the thread [color=redMarriage event for practicing bros & sis's in Bayswater, London][/color] Their admission is £22 ( seems more reasonable & affordable) with Sheikh Ajmal Masrur (does lots of charity programmes on Islam Channel) organising & hosting.

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