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Reviews of
« on: Nov. 10, 2008, 11:53 AM »

REVIEW of Zawaj.Com

About the Site: I think Zawaj was the first matrimonial site exclusively for Muslims as far as I can remember. Maybe late 90s or early 00s. It originally was free to post an ad but required some money to be able to contact people. It was very popular a number of years ago. I even ran a banner ad for them on my website once which an older african american sister with two girls in my community clicked on and eventually got married to an older desi man through! Recently it looks like they've just made it both free to post and to contact people!

The Crowd: Very diverse amount of people. Mostly from US. A lot of African Americans. Some Desis, a few Arabs. People from overseas.

POSITIVES: Has a few articles on aspects of marriage, including weddings and things. Free to contact people which is nice. It sends your message right to their email and then they can reply right back to you. Awesome because you can just place your ad and leave it and hopefully one day someone emails you :) Profiles have good basic information including zipcode and city of where the person lives which is helpful. Search is decent and you can use keywords as well.

NEGATIVES: Interface is not very clean. Looks klunky compared to modern sites. Takes about 4 or 5 clicks to actually login from the main site. Probably because it's free now there are ads all over the place left and right. Most for OTHER matrimonial sites!

TONS of old profiles. I emailed one bro and he said he was married years ago! I did a search and found one bro that sounded nice, but then I realized he had posted this in 2002!!! And there were so many others that were that old. Extremely few new ones. In my opinion if an ad is more than 1 year old it needs to be deleted out of their system.
Some kind of technical glitch where it asks you to pay by credit card after 3 months to continue using the site. Then you're supposed to mail the owner to ask him to fix your account and 'reset it' so it's still free. Tried that but owner has never answered so I'm still locked out weeks later!(Is this some kind of trick?)

CONCLUSIONS: Could be a great site if they cleaned up the interface a little, modernized the site a little, pruned out all the old profiles, removed all ads except like a top header/footer. People would use it in droves BECAUSE ITS FREE! lol

I give it  :-* :-* out of 5, because it needs a lot of work but it has a lot of potential especially being completely free and having a wide audience!

What do you guys think of it?
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