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What do you guys think of it?

Salaamu alaikum.
I know of two sisters who met their spouses on this site. My sister, who I thought would never do such a thing, lol got married from a matrimonial site as well. But I'm not sure if she did it through qiran.

Peace!  ;D

Wa alaykom assalam wa rahmatullah,

Is such a question really only worthy of one answer?

One of my close buddies got his wife on Qiran and he is really happy. She is religious, he is too and they are both pretty regular people. The thing that makes me happy for him is that everything seems to be working pretty good and he is been happier since. But finding the right person is hard because it takes time and patience to get the right fish ;)

We have mostly oldies on this site. On the other hand this site is full of moroccons from Casablanca . Looks like many people there get married online. What annoyed me the most is most of the females out there in qiran do not cherish the value of Islam. Some openly except that they never wear hijab and they smoke. This is something I suggest we should stay away from.ofcourse few good people are there from everywhere! I saw a morrocon girl in qiran and she Appeared very innocent and religious? Well u never know what's behind an innocent face as they say looks are deceptive...!!

oldies need to get married too  ;)

morocco has specialized offices where you go and they will place your information online on all these websites for you. you don't even have to speak english. unfortunately there is so much poverty there the girls and their families use marriage as one way out of the difficulties. while most of the girls are probably very good i'd just be wary about why they're getting married and what would happen after they got a green card so just be careful inshaAllah. also in some countries like india birthdates are never written down and when they are they make the girl younger than she actually is.


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