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How to deal with sadness...

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Asalam waliykum brothers and sisters  :)

Inshallah you are all in the best of deen and health.

Just wanted to know how you deal with sadness?
How do you deal with the "Reality check"

For example, freind or family member is getting married. Alhamdulillah very happy and then, bam, out of know where reality check and the sadness hits. You are single, have not even met anyone and not going to be geting married any time soon.
(This is what im going through now)

I suppose it does not help i live alone,  :(
I make dua and constintly in rememberance of Allah.
I try to keep myself busy i have a few hobbies like my arts 'n' crafts. I am forever watching Islamic programmes and islamic TV. I tryand meet up with sisters when i am not working.
The distractions work for a while and the worries go away, then i come back to reality and back at square one... i am single, and have not met anyone even remotly suitable for me.

Also doesnt help when i meet up with my freinds or any sisters, men as in marriage is the main topic. We ask everyone if they met anyone, listen to all the disastrous meetings...then We have a good old moan about there not being a decent brothers, we cheer ourselves up with some marriage humour and we will repeat this the next time we meet up  :D

Distract yourself with things you love to do, keep yourself in good company... and pray a lot! And when I mean pray... I mean *really* pray, out loud if you can... lose yourself in the recitation and let time pass away... and when you're in sujood, let it all out.

Subhan'Allah, it does wonders, and the ayat in 13:28 rings true "verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest"

Inshallah, i will do more.

I myself only started ot practice properly in the last 3/4 years so i have so much to learn, i think sabr is one of those things..

Hold on a second... according to your profile, you've got the "Don't be Sad" book?? That's an amazing book, full of gems! Surely that's got something that works for you?

Yeah i do, and yes alhamdulillah has so much good advice, but still does not eradicate sadness completely and permenantly..


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