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Author Topic: i know its weird !!!!  (Read 743 times)


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i know its weird !!!!
« on: Oct. 01, 2011, 04:06 PM »

I am 31 years Muslim girl and i met a good guy who have good faith in God but the problemis  he is not Muslim ,, he was Chrsitian but now he believe in one God he belive in all the massengers and all holy books he believe what Muslims believe and he love Islam but needs some one to show him Islam ,, he is not Mushrik coz he only beleive in one God in Allah ,, he loves me so much and he wants to marry me and i see him a good guy faithfu andl honest , he wants to learn Islam from me but i cant untill we get married ,, please i need your advice ,, do you think its ok if i marry him i know in Qura'an said we cant marry Mushrik but he is not Mushrik he beleive that Jesus was prophet and he loves all the prophets i mean he belive in Arakan Al Eman and his faith is stronger than me and many muslims i know,,, plz i need your advice ,,, am sooo depress and i pray that you all have happy life ,, thank you so much
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