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Author Topic: An Illness that effects your life and your marriage  (Read 827 times)


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An Illness that effects your life and your marriage
« on: Dec. 22, 2011, 12:53 AM »

Asalam waliykum brothers and sisters,

i Just got married a few months back alhamdulillah, at the same time due to the stresses of marriage and planning i triggered an illness at first i thought it was just stress and would go away, 5 months later i am really suffereing and was diagnosed with servierist form of IBS.
This has effected my life, being sick all the time, having good and bad days were i cant get out of bed.... in turn its effected my social life, family life, work life (cant work) and my relationship with husband.

Are there any other sisters od brothers who are married who have an illness that effects thier whole life, in turn putting pressure on thier marriage. this is all very new for me, and i am just coming to terms with it and trying to find ways to manage my illness and lead a better life and cope with it.



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Re: An Illness that effects your life and your marriage
« Reply #1 on: Dec. 22, 2011, 03:05 AM »

walaikum salaam,

I'm so sorry to hear that sister! May Allah give you shifaa and make this test a purification for you and your family.

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