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Author Topic: Salam sisters :D  (Read 3438 times)


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Re: Salam sisters :D
« Reply #15 on: Jul. 26, 2009, 07:52 PM »

What's all the crying about?? A believer never cries. He knows that his life is in the hands of Allah and so he sits happily putting all his trust on his creator. Alhamdullilah my beloved creator has never let me down, I thank him sincerely. But one thing is there we should wait and be patient. Our beloved prophet pbuh did not rule arabia in a day. It took a long tough period of over 23 years to see the fruits. SO BE PATIENT..!!


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Re: Salam sisters :D
« Reply #16 on: Jul. 27, 2009, 05:25 PM »

Nothing wrogn with crying. When you cry in salah you Dua is more liekly to be accepted. It is no good to have a heart made of stone. To be muslim you should have a soft heart... have compassion and cry even men. Otherwise your just cold hearted person.
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