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Halal Flirting?


Funny or offensive??

Funny to read,

But if anyone actually takes it seriously and putsinto practice what they say then they need to slap them selves upside the head. Really funny to read. But not Islamic at all... defeats the purpose of hijab, and modesty.
Only HALAL flirting is with ones spouce.
Now i am married i flirt all i want! and BONUS i get rewarded for it, which encourages you to flirt more lol :D
WIN WIN situation.

Whereas if you do it as this person on the blog says sure you will only recieve sin after sin, for every unlawful gaze you get. Not only that person will be punished but the woman who causes this man to turn his head.
Hijab is not just modesty in clothing but modesty in behaviour and actions and intentions. Remember if you are trying to show off to men and get them to look at you... remember Allah knows what you intend and that you only have sinful intentions and every act upon that intention is punished. So why do it???


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