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Putting myself out there.....



Dear friends, well wishers and everyone who sees this....

I am putting myelf out here to find someone who would be slightly interested in me, to know me better and to maybe consider me for himself / or someone they know....

I know losing hope is a sin and I have not lost hope but sometimes I can't understand..... Are you feeling the emptiness of my heart Ya Allah? Can you feel the heat of my tears? Can you hear my screams?


I hate to give unsolicited advice, but "putting yourself out there" is typically not the wisest idea for a girl.  I don't know you or your intentions, but if you are an innocent person just wanting a husband who will treat you kindly, the chances of a man without an agenda seeing this is slim...

Cry to Allah, He is the best to turn to and will grant you everything that is best for you.

Assalamalikum Amna, I know you feeling very down but just look at people below you. I was also feeling a bit down since I am searching for quite some time and nothing seems to happen..but I just stumbled upon a two profile within the last 24 hrs in an popular matrimonial website.Reading both these sisters profile made me realize how merciful Allah has been to me. One of the sisters has kidney failure and another is blind in one eye & has other complications....I was disappointed but after reading both these profiles ..I started thanking Allah for all the blessing allah has given me. You are being tested by Allah but pray & thanks allah for all the things he has given you...and inshallah will turn the tide and grant you a good spouse.

“Verily, with hardship there is relief” (Qur’an 94:6)...If you examine your life, you will realize that you must have faced difficulties for some time and then immediately after that Allah has replaced with ease.


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