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Bride Stealing documentary in Chechnya by BBC!!!!!



It is just unbelievable documentary about a widespread unbelievable practice called bride stealing in chechanya. Yes!! literally stealing a Bride.

Hmmmm..I am searching for a bride from last 18 months but no luck.... ;)

lol where do you find these things!! awesome can't wait to watch it...

Was tired of searching for brides decently through matrimonial sites & family connection....started looking for an alternative           :-)...Maybe for me the time has come to stop searching and get in touch with Mulla Alvi....... and @jannah Who knows he may even deal with kidnapped grooms too!!! :-D

On a serious note it just pathetic.. but to be honest I can't believe the girls are fine with it...and it ends in happy marriage for at least two of three cases reported......

Ok, didn't like it. Those poor women. Why don't the mens just go to their house and propose like normal human beings. The whole stealing/maybe raping is just frightening. Of course the family is pressured into saying yes. The girl has no choice at all.

About the whole chechnya politics... theres definitely two sides to every story. Though not discounting what she said that ppl live under fear. That's how it is/was in most muslim countries unfortunately :(


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