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Would you be a co spouse sis's?


Assalamu Alaiykum,

Just wondering, as this situation has occurred recently.

Let me set the scene, before you all say NO! :p

Ok, the brother is seeking a second wife due to the fact that his wife is terminally ill. He has the blessing of his present sick wife (in fact she's also looking for him too), however he does have more than 3 kids. Let's assume he's able to look after you & fulfil his duties in so far as that he can look after you financially, provide your own house & also you wouldn't have to 'baby sit' his kids.
He's practicing & understands the rights of his wife & genuinely is a nice brother.

Many of the sisters I know said they'd consider (even though they absolutely would never be a co wife in 'normal' circumstances) yet the fact that he has 3+ kids is not as appealing. Most sisters said they'd consider if he had just 1 child. But 3+ is too many.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay? ... The reasons why..



My answer wont be yah or nay? First I would consider myself. 3+ kids will be better if I have my own package.(children) If I no children then definately nay.
Another thing is this man seems to have no problems but we should always remember marriage is a lifelong decision and whatever our choices maybe we must be able to live with it for the rest of our live.

Umm besides the fact it's illegal and the whole concept of polygamy in the west etc... Why can't the bro wait till his wife passes. That kinda sounds wack that they're looking for another wife in the middle of that mess!!! He will also have to go through all the major stages of grieving and everything. And then traumatizing the kids by bringing in a "new mother" while their own mother lays dying. Why don't ppl think about the consequences of these thing!  I would say no way.


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