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Reviews of
« on: Nov. 10, 2008, 11:54 AM »

REVIEW of Shaadi.Com

About the Site: Based out of India. Probably the most famous and most established of all marriage sites. Mentioned in like every bollywood movie talking about finding love online! Extremely popular and also been around awhile. Not exclusive to Muslims, probably much more popular among Hindus.

The Crowd: Almost 99% desis, mostly secular desis. Huge amount from India and Gulf countries, Dubai etc. 

POSITIVES:Well thought out and conceived. Rich with features.

Anyone can view profiles, but after a few page views it says you have to register to see more! You can register for free and place a profile and express interest in people. But after awhile this times out as well and you can't express interest any more. Basically either you or the other person is going to have to pay something for something to happen lol.

Lots of search parameters to use like city search, key word search, profession search, photo club, also a video club if you wanted to add a video of yourself (can add urs for free, but have to pay to watch others!). You can see who clicked on ur profile as well.

Has a chat launcher where people can contact you and thankfully you can check out their profile before you accept/deny. You can also use filter parameters to keep weirdos from contacting you. Lots of options for pictures, like only showing when you accept them or having a password. Have complete profiles including some checkoff options on favorite foods, dress, interests, music.

Something interesting I noticed was called a "shaadi seal" meaning they somehow verify some of the information given like the person's name, if they're really divorced or not, their phone number. Not sure how they do that exactly and don't remember actually seeing anyone with the seal but interesting nevertheless.


NEGATIVES: Unless you pay you eventually get so pushed out that the site is useless to use. (good sales tactic for them as 3 months costs 67 bux! they do sometimes have promos of 20% off on eid/diwali etc.) Has a number of profiles posted by family members. I find that odd. No options on how to try to figure out if someone is religous or not, nothing catered towards Muslims specifically.

There's like hundreds of profiles, hundreds of them. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. I also get the impression that if you are a practicing muslim that wears hijab you are like x'ed out by most of the people on here from the beginning.

If you scroll through their "success" pictures you'll be amazed. Hundreds and hundreds of pictures of married couples at their weddings and "testimonials". Read some of them...what does it look like to you. Yup, fake. I wonder if they just go around India and pay people for their wedding pictures! 

CONCLUSIONS: This is actually the only website I ever paid for. Not sure what I was thinking. I don't think it was right for me personally because the people on there are not very religious and the majority are in other countries. 3 months goes by QUICK and you're locked out of everything again. When more decent Hindu guys contact you than Muslim guys you really have to wonder. (Not a fault of the website really just the facts out there :( )

It is just an extremely commercial website that is perhaps too big for me to use. But the professionalism of the product keeps it on top so I would give it a  :-* :-* :-* out of 5.

What do you guys think of it?


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Re: Reviews of
« Reply #1 on: Feb. 23, 2010, 10:02 PM »

Salaam, is not exclusively orientated towards muslims so parameters like 'religious level', 'hijab' etc are not present, but its a  of 100% paid site so authentic profiles are present and is safe (spammer free) negative aspect of it is that, its not truly international...most of the users are either Indian or NRI...a handful of them are Pakistanis, British, Arabs and some rare Americans...

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