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Author Topic: Why are my parents so dead set against the idea  (Read 6212 times)


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Re: Why are my parents so dead set against the idea
« Reply #15 on: Aug. 06, 2010, 02:50 PM »

Your parents not only want to let you to complete your study but also want that you should first before marriage start earning. I think it is batter for you. At the minimum level you should first complete your study. You are now still 22. It is not so much old.

yea, our parents want us to rot, and find other ways to satisfy ourselves because they have forgotten what its like to be 20+ and unmarried.

about the study thing, parents in subcontinent are pagal, and they deserve what they are getting right now. those who dont marry their daughters and keep them getting more education, these girls get old and dont find men of their *educational* match. men on the other hand due to being afected by not being married either rot and wither away or stop thinking about marriage or look for other ways.

then its some real awesome torture for parents when they get old. serves them good i would say.



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Re: Why are my parents so dead set against the idea
« Reply #16 on: Nov. 17, 2010, 01:36 PM »

This might not be the advice you want to hear, but I 1/2 agree with your parents. PLEASE finish your degree first. You do not know how many women we have in the community that got married before finishing their degree, never finished, had kids, got divorced, and now are struggling financially as single mothers with deadbeat husbands who pay NOTHING to support their kids. And yes, almost all of them said they would finish their degree after marriage, and several of those husbands promised them they would help them to finish their degrees, but guess what? Never happened.

I don't agree about getting a job. But maybe your parents do not have the money to pay for your wedding expenses and are too embarrased to say that. You never know what is really behind their train of thought.


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Re: Why are my parents so dead set against the idea
« Reply #17 on: Feb. 16, 2011, 11:10 PM »

Salam sister,

Subhanallah, i was lso in a similar situation.
Family putting off marriage untilall dunya matters had been sorted out. The problem is for me, not i have done all my "dunya" related matters i can not find a husband, 2 years postgrad... and no man in sight who is worth marrying.
You can not win  :)

The only thing to do is put your trust and life truley into Allahs hands and leave it to him. Otherwise you will mak yourself depressed and wind yourself up. And shiytan will just make matters worse.


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Re: Why are my parents so dead set against the idea
« Reply #18 on: Aug. 25, 2011, 07:40 AM »

Walekum salam

I think your parents making a big mistake 22 its a wright age of girl marriage and you have to do marriage you should talk to you parents one more time and you will have to say your relatives you want to marriage they are talk to your parents.
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