...someone divorced?

i'd marry anyone!
- 6 (27.3%)
of course!
- 5 (22.7%)
i'd have to think about it
- 9 (40.9%)
if i knew the person he/she divorced
- 0 (0%)
i'd marry anyone!
- 2 (9.1%)

Total Members Voted: 18

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Author Topic: POLL: Would you marry someone divorced?  (Read 7351 times)


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Re: POLL: Would you marry someone divorced?
« Reply #15 on: Oct. 24, 2009, 09:34 PM »

Yes i agree older men are more mature. and of course a divourced man will be more experinced and be more aware of respobsibilty but then that also depends on his previous marriage. Did it end becuase he was immature and iresponsible?? So there are factors to consider.
But i think i couldnt marry a younger brother my age for example. too imature. But allah allam. what is best for me allah knows. Maybe i meet someone who is my age but very mature and pious and respectful and ready for marriage and commitments. But i havnt found that yet lol.


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Re: POLL: Would you marry someone divorced?
« Reply #16 on: Dec. 17, 2009, 06:11 AM »

Asalam Alaikum

i can understadn why people wouldnt marry a divourcee just from observations. one of my aunties is divourced this was 18 years ago. she re married. but when its just us girls me my mum and her, she does talk about how she wished it worked out and blah blah blah. they never 100% get over it, and some where inside they still pine for there ex husband/wife. i couldnt stand that, and id hate if i found out they were hiding it from me.
i couldnt marry someone who was divourced or someone who was inlove before. soemoen proposed to me, he got married and had it unoled after 2 months as she lied to him about everything. but i knew he loved her as he was prepaird to marry her and he did. So i know even though she lied he did still love her and he always would do. and i couldnt live with that. thats just who i am and my prefence.

That 10% just went down to 8% lool. I've thought about this question before and I can't bring myself to say yes but then again I haven't met any divorcees who'd I'd consider for marriage. I am not looking to get married anytime soon either as I have a long ways to go with studies and everything, I am your little brother lol, or it seems. Anyways, I agree with you guys when you say to check the background and the reason for their break up. Al though, that should be done no matter what. I've always heard people say the best way to get to know a person is to see them around their friends and I believe this to be completely true. I've met people who are polite respectful and even a little religious but when they're with friends that goes out the door, not sure about the religious part as you can't really tell by looking at them(except for when they're wearing hijab which I love seeing my sisters in Islam wearing them). So a maybe for me on marrying a divorcee.


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Re: POLL: Would you marry someone divorced?
« Reply #17 on: Dec. 17, 2009, 05:22 PM »

Why not? Does being divorced make you a bad person? Or unable to be in a happy relationship again? Reading the comments here some people are against marrying someone divorced, everyone is entitled to their own preference. I am divorced, and I think it has helped me to be better in relationships because I got married so young. I now know what I want and what i dont want, I have my standards and dont want to compromise. A close relative of mine has been divorced twice and is married for the third time, and finally to a good man and she is happy. As practicing Muslims we do not have the luxury to just stay single. So if a relationship doesn't work out then of course we are going to want to get married again. It is not easy to find someone for marriage, divorced or not. I wish all the seekers luck.  :)
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