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Stand Against Nazi Zionism (American Hitlerism) !

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Stand Against Nazi Zionism (American Hitlerism) !
10/15/02 at 05:20:00


The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

[color=red]The Intifada is the Only Answer[/color]  

[color=green]The Israeli's atrocities are endless. We hear of new massacres almost daily, the last was that of Gaza   where about 17 were martyred and a hundred were wounded… The enemy's prime minister has had the nerves to boast about the success of this operation, and promised to execute more of the same, thus promising to commit additional massacres. 

The British and Americans found it sufficient to express their sorrow for the death of civilians, and because such actions delay the reforms. Other western powers, and even Arab and Islamic ones, did not exert any pressure because they are not independent enough to act as they see fit.  

  The Palestinian Intifada was the only party that retaliated by the martyr operation in Tel Aviv, as well as other operations in the West Bank and Gaza, proving that the Intifada will continue till the end of occupation. It did not care about the American support to the enemy to the extent of considering its aggression a war against terrorism. Thus, the Intifada has become a liberation movement against both    Israel   and   America  , since   America   is trying to legitimize the Israeli occupation.[/color]

[size=5][color=red]Stand Against Nazi Zionism [/color][/size] 

 [color=green]There is an urgent need now for the Arab and Islamic peoples to stand against Nazi Zionism that is supported by American "Hitlerism". They should study all the means that can pressurize the American interests: a full boycott of its products … withdrawing the funds from the American banks… etc  

  We need a decisive stand that would be elaborated by a carefully studied plan… For, in this respect, peoples have means of retaliating against the political and military brutality that the governments do not.  

  To serve this goal that of protecting the Intifada, we have to reject and oppose any internal Palestinian fighting, which means that all emerging problems have to be solved in a peaceful manner.

Any internal fighting is against the Intifada, since it is what the American and Israeli intelligence aim at: trying to end the Intifada from the outside having failed to do so from the outside… I would like to say, acting on the basis of my religious capacity, that I emphasize that any internal strife between the Palestinians is prohibited and religiously unlawful.  
It is a major sin. And thus all efforts should be dedicated to put an end to the causes and reasons of any feud.  [/color]

 [color=red]Starving the Iraqi people  [/color]

[color=green]It is ironic to listen to the American president, Bush, claiming that   America   is a friend of the Iraqi people. It seems that this friendship has driven him to let hundred of thousands of Iraqis, especially children, die of hunger, or become dislocated all over the world.

  America   knows quite well that the economic blockade does not hurt the regime.

It hurts the people who know that  America   has an economic interest in taking over the Iraqi oil and investments, and depriving the Iraqis from any chance to acquire modern technology. For   America   wants   Israel   to remain the only country that has mass destruction weapons including nuclear weapons, and thus insure its supremacy over the region.  

America   is trying to acquire strategic advantages in the region to besiege many countries and turn the region into a military base to safeguard its interests that run counter to the interests of its peoples… Its is a neo-colonialism that wants to form a smashing dictatorship, but adopts new means of political hypocrisy, claiming to represent democracy, progress, freedom and civilization… All nations should plan for the future in the light of the devastating repercussions of what the Americans are planning for. [/color]

[color=red]Lebanon  : facing challenges by more resolve and steadfastness[/color]  

  [color=green]In Lebanon  ,   America is interfering, through its diplomatic pressures, to prevent   Lebanon   from attaining its legal rights and benefit from its waters of the Wazani and Hasbani rivers.

They are playing the card of the Israeli bombing of the pumps and the rest of the facilities. Consequently,   Lebanon  , both the people and the government, must resist this new America-Israeli pressure, and face this new challenge with utmost vigilance, for the water pressure might turn into a political pressure and even into a military one, as we recently heard from an American politician…   America  's policy in the region has one main concern: Israeli supremacy in all fields.  

  In the Lebanese local politics, we find politicians looking for an issue that might win partisan concern, a sectarian instinct that is looking for sacred icons, and sectarianism that pose as patriotism … all this while the country is about to face regional hurricanes and storms.  

If the Lebanese do not reconcile in this stage with the danger getting nearer and nearer, when will they choose love and peace.[/color]

Friday Sermon by Grand Ayatullah M.H.Fadlullah (May Allah keep him in His protection).
10/15/02 at 06:58:24

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