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'Israel judaising Arab landmarks'

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'Israel judaising Arab landmarks'
11/20/02 at 01:29:47

Have we got some contradictions in the article given below?

'Israel judaising Arab landmarks', 20th nov 2002

By a staff reporter
AN ARAB historian and researcher has said that the Arab-Israeli conflict over the ancient landmarks and holy places in the occupied Palestine is an ideological conflict that has nothing to do with faith. Speaking at the Zayed Centre for Coordination and Follow-Up (ZCCF), Alaa Oraibi, Assistant Editor of the Egyptian Al Wafd weekly newspaper said the Zionist enemy had tried its utmost to judaise the Arab landmarks to include them in the map of the occupied territories with the aim of depriving Palestinians from the opportunity of claiming their lands. This will leave the Palestinians with the smallest share of the occupied territories in any future settlement of the problem.

Mr Oraibi, who is an expert in Islamic studies and an author of a number of books on Islamic Jewish and Pharaonic history, said that after conquering Palestine, the early Muslims, inadvertently, gave the Zionist the weapon to begin the conflict with the Palestinians and competed with Muslims in possessing the religious landmarks.

The Israelis exploited this situation to spread their control over several landmarks that were attributed to their Prophets.

"It was not due to their love or faith in them but in order to control large areas of the occupied lands for the sake of enlarging the area of their state."

Mr Oraibi pointed out that there were two tombs for Prophet Joseph in Palestine - One in Nablus and the second in Al Khalil.

According to historical accounts, both tombs include the remains of Prophet Joseph, despite the fact that the Palestinians are inclined to believe that the tomb next to Prophet Ibraham's tomb is that of Prophet Joseph.

He pointed out that Judaism did not recognise value of tombs neither did it recognise the prophethood of Joseph because it was evident from Torah texts that God of Children of Israel (Jehovah) warned them against the graves.

The texts ordered them "to punish the unclear who touch the dead and the graves by killing them in case they do not purify themselves." According to their teachings, touching the graves is considered one of the gravest impurities. The texts also forbids them to build mausoleums and monuments and calling Jinn, demons and spirits.

The Torah texts dealt with Prophet Joseph as a prince and a pious person, not as a prophet.

"He is the only prophet who did not have divine sightings, neither did he receive any revelations from the heavens. He said that the history of the children of Israel is a witness to the fact that they never cared to immortalise any of their prophets or even tried to erect an abode on one of the tombs. "They didn't think of searching for their remains and only indulged in that after occupying Palestine," Mr Oraibi noted.

He argued that the logic behind Israeli control of these landmarks was only to perpetuate their possession of the occupied lands.

"Even their own historians and archeologists had repeatedly stated that these landmarks were Islamic and had nothing to do with their faith." Mr Oraibi surveyed the Jewish history thoroughly to prove the falsity of their claims in the light of their own teachings, writers and historians.

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