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 on: Today at 03:59 AM 
Started by jannah - Last post by jannah
I love Call the Midwife!!!! I discovered it a few years ago either in the UK or US. PBS is showing season 2 right now I think. We have a thread on it somewhere here. I'll try to merge it. The only thing is I'm always crying my eyes out every episode but I love that it's such a great drama!

 on: Yesterday at 06:10 AM 
Started by jannah - Last post by Nature
I'm about into the fifth episode now - and I do have to warn that the episodes push a very 'as-long-as-it's-love-it's-okay' message, that in the fifth episode especially gets very 'iffy'. But the episodes do seem to always provide contexts of poverty, lack of control over circumstances, etc, rather than trying to justify what happens.

 on: Yesterday at 02:55 AM 
Started by jannah - Last post by Nature

I know that this is the domain of the loyal Downton-Abbeyans  Wink, but I am COMPLETELY in love with this BBC drama! "Call the Midwife" is a series set in post-war Britain, and it follows the life of a new midwife, Jenny Lee, as she goes to work in the East End, as based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth.

The series is very realistic - it explores all (and I mean ALL, short of showing nudity) the details of birth and pregnancy, but rather than focusing on horror-birth-stories like most tv series seem to, I really appreciated the humanity of "Call the Midwife". It explores the lives of women, the realities of poverty, family life, post-war Britain - a beautiful series overall.

"All "Call the Midwife" stories are not created equal, but all babies bring with them a world of possibility and love, and, whatever its missteps, it's hard not to fall for a story that hangs so much on that belief. "

Call The Midwife trailer - BBC One

 on: Apr 21, 2014 10:55 PM 
Started by blackrose - Last post by Baji
May Allah swt grant sabr and health to baby and mama both

 on: Apr 21, 2014 09:23 PM 
Started by blackrose - Last post by Fozia
May Allah grant the sister shifa and a healthy baby.

 on: Apr 21, 2014 07:14 PM 
Started by jannah - Last post by Fozia

You can't Islamicize music!

With regards clothing it is the fashion in England for women to wear abayas when out and about, it does not mean we don't wear western clothing. Not everyone chooses to wear abayas either, or we have the sisters who somtimes do and sometimes don't.

Have never been to america so couldn't compare, presumably abayas aren't on trend over there.

 on: Apr 21, 2014 04:57 PM 
Started by blackrose - Last post by jannah
My friend really needs your Duas. She had an extremely hard time getting pregnant and unfortunately some things happened and she is in the hospital. She's only at 22 weeks, so they do not believe the baby will survive if it has to be born. But if she can stay in the hospital on bed rest and make it for at least 2 more weeks, the baby has a 50% survival rate. In Islam after 4 months the baby is considered having a soul. May Allah help them and give them shifaa. So please keep them in your duas. Jazaks.

 on: Apr 21, 2014 04:48 PM 
Started by jannah - Last post by jannah
Apparently the video has reached 1 million views!!! And of course there are a number of condemnation videos quick to follow all about "keeping the Muslim identity"!! One of the things I noticed in the UK is that they really want to keep their outer Muslim identity, like clothing wise, language, marriage, etc. But in the USA Muslims want to accept things from Western culture and make them Islamicized. Like make new modest fashion clothes in the Western style instead of Jilbabs etc.

 on: Apr 20, 2014 05:42 AM 
Started by jannah - Last post by Nature
I have to say - my very favorite is the very British lady on the bicycle!  hijabisis

 on: Apr 20, 2014 01:18 AM 
Started by jannah - Last post by Baji
Salaams here's a version without the ladies dancing and without the music

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