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 on: Apr 13, 2014 03:19 PM 
Started by jannah - Last post by Fozia
I use earthenware mugs to drink out of, if never considered that I don't like water from glasses! On the other hand I am notoriously clumsy and have managed to break most of the fine china I own!

 on: Apr 12, 2014 11:38 PM 
Started by jannah - Last post by Nature
Remember me.

I will be with you in the grave
on the night you leave behind
your shop and your family.
When you hear my soft voice
echoing in your tomb,
you will realize
that you were never hidden from my eyes.
I am the pure awareness within your heart,
with you during joy and celebration,
suffering and despair.

On that strange and fateful night
you will hear a familar voice --
you'll be rescued from the fangs of snakes
and the searing sting of scorpions.
The euphoria of love will sweep over your grave;
it will bring wine and friends, candles and food.

When the light of realization dawns,
shouting and upheaval
will rise up from the graves!
The dust of ages will be stirred
by the cities of ecstasy,
by the banging of drums,
by the clamor of revolt!

Dead bodies will tear off their shrouds
and stuff their ears in fright--
What use are the senses and the ears
before the blast of that Trumpet?

Look and you will see my form
whether you are looking at yourself
or toward that noise and confusion.

Don't be blurry-eyed,
See me clearly-
See my beauty without the old eyes of delusion.

Beware! Beware!
Don't mistake me for this human form.
The soul is not obscured by forms.
Even if it were wrapped in a hundred folds of felt
the rays of the soul's light
would still shine through.

Beat the drum,
Follow the minstrels of the city.
It's a day of renewal
when every young man
walks boldly on the path of love.

Had everyone sought God
Instead of crumbs and copper coins
T'hey would not be sitting on the edge of the moat
in darkness and regret.

What kind of gossip-house
have you opened in our city?
Close your lips
and shine on the world
like loving sunlight.

Shine like the Sun of Tabriz rising in the East.
Shine like the star of victory.
Shine like the whole universe is yours!

translated by Jonathan Star
"Rumi - In the Arms of the Beloved"

(P.S. Is it just me or is he referring to the Quran here?)

 on: Apr 12, 2014 07:42 PM 
Started by peace - Last post by IsmiAnisa
This thread is funny, but not really.   Cheesy

Today I told my daughter, "Isn't today nice?  When was the last time we had a day like today the we could lazy around all day and do nothing?"
She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Mom, I have no idea what you are talking about.  We spent all morning cleaning, you still have laundry going, and you just said you are going to go clean and organize upstairs." 
But I feel like I haven't done anything but lazed around all day. 

 on: Apr 12, 2014 07:29 PM 
Started by jannah - Last post by IsmiAnisa
Chopsticks-- me too!  And plastic cutlery if necessary.  I am in agreement with the not liking metallic tastes.  I dislike glass also-- plastic cups preferred.

 on: Apr 12, 2014 04:58 PM 
Started by blackrose - Last post by WCoastbaba
At Jumuah yesterday - got a much needed reminder when the khateeb (a bro from Islamic Relief, as there is a fundraiser for Syria here tonight) talked about having Trust in Allah (especially in light of the fact we lost a young sister and her friend in the community on Monday, due to a car accident and that we must remain patient and know that with time, Allah will bring to us something better. I know you all know this already, but I think it was great timing for myself and for the community after a tragedy. Can only imagine what the parents much be going through. Gave some beautiful examples (Hz Musa (AS) and his mother, Ibrahim (RA)'s du'a at Kaaba and the answer, 5000 years later, in the form of Rasul'Allah).

Anyways, gave me a boost.

 on: Apr 12, 2014 04:43 PM 
Started by peace - Last post by Siham
Q: What do you do all day? A: Absolutely nothing... Cheesy

A Smile of Hope : Be kind to your women ! .. ! بسمة أمل : رفقاً بنسائكم

people who live in the "west" and people who live in "other countries" have different views and just think differently

No doubt! Al-hamdulilah that my husband was raised here in the US, otherwise we'd probably have big problems...  Lips Sealed

 on: Apr 12, 2014 03:09 PM 
Started by jannah - Last post by Fozia
I reckon eating with ones hands tastes nicer because you don't getthe cold metallic taste of cutlery, I quite like eating with chopsticks too.

 on: Apr 12, 2014 03:07 PM 
Started by jannah - Last post by Fozia
I saw an interview with Russel Crowe about this movie, he was saying this is an action movie, any biblical references are incidental, they got the bare bones and went with it to create a massive action movie.

People who've seen it are either, wow it was brilliant or that's two hours of my life I'm never getting back.....

So no help. I'm not going to see it personally, but then I'm still traumatised for having to sit thro (Charlton Heston's) the Ten Commandments and (Hedy Lamarr) Samson and Delilah when I was a kid! Quite enough technicolor bibilical movies for me.

 on: Apr 12, 2014 04:27 AM 
Started by jannah - Last post by IsmiAnisa
I have not seen the movie, but once it comes out in rentals I plan to, mostly because I am interested in seeing what all the controversy is about.  The linked review above is interesting, because he says it mostly followed the Biblical account, but other reviews I have read are upset because the movie supposedly strays greatly from the Biblical account.  Since I have not seen it, I cannot weigh in with an opinion on the matter.  One thing I thought is the same as Jannah mentioned in the first post-- possibly a good dawah opportunity.  I was thinking how the movie can actually serve as a springboard for discussion.

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