// The Importance of Al Nawawis "40 Hadeeth"
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Author Topic: The Importance of Al Nawawis "40 Hadeeth"  (Read 1782 times)
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I believe everyone on the forum is aware of Imam al Nawawis "40 Hadeeth" book, but how many of us really understand its significance? I am often asked, "How can I learn about Islam simply aside from the Quran?"

I just want to impart some advice to my brothers and sisters that this book encompasses Islam comprehensively, and is the ideal starting point to gain a good overall summary of Islam.

To those who may not be on an Alim course etc. should atleast memorise these "40 Hadeeth" and try and implement them in ones life. Learn about the commentary, and understand the hadeeths and their significance, and inshAllah that should give a good firm basis for the everyday muslim.

There are numerous lectures and tapes on the 40 Hadeeth, analysing even the content page and structure of the book, because of its  superb summation of Islam.

May Allah keep us all steadfast on His path ameen.


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