// 1000x more effective power in spreading Islam in the West
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Author Topic: 1000x more effective power in spreading Islam in the West  (Read 1532 times)
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« on: Jul 26, 2008 03:34 PM »

conquering your social conditioning

salaam 'alaykum,

I want to tell a parable to make this easier to understand so please bear
with me.

There were these two travelling beef salesmen who came to a city trying to
sell beef.

To their astonishment no one in the city ever ate beef before, they were
eating donkey.

The first salesman tried to sell them beef and they laughed.

He said please try my beef, it is better than donkey.

They laughed and said, no way, our grandparents always ate donkey and so did
our parent and so do we. We never ate beef in our lives. We are happy with
our donkey.

He said, I will give it to you for half the price of donkey.

They said no.

He said I will give you free beef for a week.

They said ok, on condition that you buy our donkey meat for double the price
for a month otherwise we are kicking you out of our town.

He said, are you crazy, i never ate donkey in my life, the thought of it
makes me want to vomit.

They said, aha, so why would we try your beef if you don't try our donkey?

They kicked him out of the city.

The 2nd salesman was smarter, same scenario but at the end he actually
consulted with an 'Alim and found out donkey is not haraam, but it is

He never ate donkey too and the thought of it made him sick but he took a
month supply for double the price and pretended to enjoy it in front of them
for the 1st week but then he got used to it. His family vomitted for 2 weeks
but finally got used to it.

He came back to them saying, "I used to think donkey meat must be terrible
but I actually like it better than beef."

They all became good friends and they started selling him donkey meat at the
normal price and he continued to eat donkey for a month more.

The 3rd month he said the same thing that donkey tasted just a little bit
better than beef and today I am selling beef at half the price of donkey
meat, do you want to try.

They said, the thought of beef makes us sick but because you are our friend
and you tried our donkey meat and continue to enjoy it like you we will buy
your beef.

They were so reluctant and after a few minutes they realized that beef
tastes better than donkey!

They said can we have some more?

He said sure but it is not half price anymore.

They introduced beef to their family and friends. Everyone was reluctant and
said gross gross, ill, but after a couple of tries they all agreed that beef
is better than donkey!

The 2nd salesman became a millionaire and sold more beef than anyone in his


Now, my point is this, if you want to spread Islam in the West you have to
partake in eating their "donkey meat" in order to convince them to try your

Do you understand my philosophy now? Do you agree?

We have to also make the "beef" soft and easy so they can chew it. We have
to partake in some of their not so pleasant things that are against our
social conditioning, in order to convince them to try some of the things we
love which are against their social conditioning.

Can we now become effective "beef salesmen" or will be like the 1st salesman
who got kicked out of the city?

If you agree with me please start eating double and triple patty "donkey"
burgers for 3 months, instead of just single patty "donkey" burgers that the
West is used to eating.

I guarantee you that they will start eating your single patty "beef" burgers
after a year.

There is a surplus of "donkey" and the West will really appreciate it if you
buy some of it.


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'Alim told him you can compromise on makrooh and mustahabb for the greater good but never on halaal and haraam. 'Alim says "Based on my research donkey is not haraam, but makrooh". Based on circumstances a makrooh can become mustahabb and a mustahabb can become makrooh. See Ibn Khaldun's "Bidayat al-Mujtahid".
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