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« on: Sep 22, 2008 10:26 PM »

Asslamo Alaykum

I'm hoping someone can help me with regards to Islamic schools in the UK anywhere near Manchester, does anyone know of any? What are they like? Costs? etc etc  

Any information of any kind would be helpful,  I'm getting really fed up of the school that my daughters attend, I unfortunately got given a place at a church school for them, I appealed but lost and have now been ringing all the schools but can't get my daughters into any as they are all full!

The school they attend now are teaching my girls stories from the bible etc which is good to have knowledge about but as they are young they are easily confused especially as I am teaching them stories about our prophets from the Quran.  Also they take them to church which I have been trying to put an end to, I've had a meeting with the headteacher and have to 'wait' to see what they can arrange! So now I am after information about the islamic schools I would really like my daughters to attend one but depends on so many factors, main one can I afford it?!

Walaikum Salaam
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