// Wife of Pa. bigamist sent to prison for his murder
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Author Topic: Wife of Pa. bigamist sent to prison for his murder  (Read 1812 times)
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« on: Aug 14, 2008 12:18 AM »


NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A woman who killed her bigamist husband just hours before he was to leave for Morocco to visit his second wife has been sentenced to eight to 20 years in prison.

Myra Morton, 48, was sentenced Wednesday after pleading guilty in April to third-degree murder for fatally shooting her husband of 25 years.


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« Reply #1 on: Aug 14, 2008 03:35 AM »

sad...very sad
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« Reply #2 on: Aug 14, 2008 01:58 PM »

as salaamu alaykum,

They said the killing stemmed from the damaged psyche of a humiliated, middle-aged woman.

wow... there are a lot of comments I can make about this, but I'll just leave it at this: brothers you better check yourselves and really think hard about what you're doing when you take on a second wife, and what that's going to do to your first wife and marriage... it's no joke and you'll be held accountable for that.

I read a fatwa recently by some Syrian ulema that basically said, if you *know* that taking on a second wife is going to lead to your first wife asking for a divorce, you should not go that route, and just fast or do what you have to do to remain faithful and satisfied with her...

If such is the case because there is a need to preserve the sanctity of marriage, then I can only wonder about preserving the sanctity of the intellect/soul of a human being and a believer, ie the first wife, and her psychological and emotional well-being which the husband is responsible for protecting... for isn't he her 'garment'?  What happened to all those ayaat about mawadda', rahma, and sakeena?  Huh?
« Reply #3 on: Aug 14, 2008 09:09 PM »

assalam alykum

u have raised a very good question mashallah why do u need a second wife when the first one is goood enough unfourtunately the men who go for a second wife they  have no intention of helping the aging spinsters or the widows or the the women who r divorced
if the intention of brothers is to help the needy women i am sure ALLAH  almighty will certainly help them

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« Reply #4 on: Aug 14, 2008 10:59 PM »

As the article doesn't elaborate I can only guess that there must be more to the situation than just a damaged psyche.  If the husband was taking from one wife to give to the other then the error was undoubtedly on his part.  If he was comparing and contrasting one wife to the other then the error was also on his part.  I'm not saying that taking his life was justified because the taking of a life isn't (although sometimes its understandable) but we are not to sit in judgement over another to the extent that we decide if they live or die.

Now of course opponents to polygymy will cite this as yet another reason why it is harmful to women and that the government must therefore "protect" them; but the same issue can be said when a man is killed when he's merely having an affair with another woman yet there is less emphasis placed on this serious indiscretion.

Quite frankly it is a global problem.  A woman will be the support to a husband for decades and then when the man gets established he wants to replace the "old" model with a new "younger" model and permit that replacement (or addition) reap the benefits of the other woman's hard work and sacrifice. 

And yeah why are the mature or seasoned and established  sisters overlooked and shunned more often than the young and less mature ones? 

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Remembrance of Allah is the true source of peace..

« Reply #5 on: Aug 15, 2008 01:28 AM »

Many, many, many men seem to be guided strongly by the visual.. Coupled with a fickle heart, it's a recipe for disaster when it comes to love. While the woman may grow more loyal throughout the years, a fickle heart can find many reasons to shun something that is far from imperfect. However, they often seem to overlook their OWN imperfections.

May Allah (swt) bless us and all our men with loving, loyal and patient hearts!  bropraying

I try to remember to count my blessings each day because I have many:

To be thankful for my health, and that of my loved ones, the presence of my husband and the continuation of our marriage, that we can pay our bills and have food on the table..

So many blessings but often, so little thanks!
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Oh Allah, Guide us to the Straight Path.

« Reply #6 on: Aug 16, 2008 12:13 AM »

Asalamualaikum wrt wb,

All praise be to Allah.

1.)  In Islam it is not permissible to murder another innocent person, let alone one's husband.  Life is sacred, if a person kills a single person, it is as if they killed all of humanity.  One should treat their spouse with love and kindness, not murder, whatever the circumstances.

2.)  Although some people would like to abolish Islam's allowing a man to take more than one wife (up to four), this is established in the Quran and Sunnah for the one who can afford it.  It is not acceptable to quote heresay for evidence in Shariah.  If someone claims that there is evidence for banning allowing a man to marry more than one wife, subject to conditions of equal treatment, please provide that evidence.  In any case, if a man has two wives, and treats them both equally, and fulfills their huqooq, a woman should control her jealousy, as her husband is obeying Allah by seeking halal and not haram.  Furthermore, what benefit will she get from breaking the marriage apart and separating the children from their father?

3.)  A person should control their Ghiraah (jealousy) and not let the Shaitan cause a person to do evil by rationalizing it in the person's mind.  Ghiraah should be for the rights of Allah, first and foremost.  The Prophet, may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him, stated that a woman should not seek to force her husband to divorce her sister (his other wife), since she will only obtain what has been written for her.

4.)  If a woman does not wish for her husband to have a second wife, she should make it a condition in her marriage contract, in which case the condition will hold according to the Hanbali school.  If she failed to do this, then she can seek to free herself from the marriage by arranging a Khula' (separation) from the husband by giving up part or all of her Mahr, or some agreed upon amount.  However, in no instance can she resort to killing.  This is a great evil from the Shaitan.

5.)  Many people like to argue about the issue of a man taking more than one wife without providing any evidence from the authentic sources of Islam.  I will not engage is such fruitless argumentation.  However, let me suffice by relaying what the scholars mention: that the majority of men in the West engage in having more than wife, but they do not call her wife, they call her mistress, or girlfriend, or one night stand, or other shameful names.  Islam seeks to establish a society based on purity, chastity, and responsibilty.  It is ironic and hypocritical that societies that ban second wives allow adultery, nightclubs, pornography, prostitution, fornication, and the total exploitation of the woman's body.   Is it better to have a girlfriend/prostitute,  or a wife?

May Allah show us right guidance, and give us the strength to follow it.

And Allah knows best.

Be merciful to those on earth, and the One in the Heavens will be merciful to you.
« Reply #7 on: Aug 16, 2008 06:58 AM »

Assalam alykum

brother what u r implying is 100 percent corect but unfourtunately when a man takes a second wife most of them neglect the first one  the first wife is deprived of her rights she is aboundend and she is left mercilessly if a man takes a second wife and does justice to the first one slowly she will come out of the shok and vll definately co operate vith the husband as they r many examples many men take second wifes but very few r there who do justice to the first one
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