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A dua on both your houses.

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Author Topic: Al-Farooq (Real Life Story of Third Caliph of Islam)  (Read 2655 times)
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Al-Farooq (Real Life Story of Third Caliph of Islam),
(hidden truth revealed)

Al- Farooq
The Life of Omar The Great (The Second Caliph of Islam)
By Prof Shibli Numani (Shams ul Ulama)
Translated by Maulana Zafar Ali Khan
Hardback 472 Pages
Published in India
Size: 34194 KB

The life of al-Farooq ?Umar ibn al-Khattab ® is a shinning page of Islamic history, which outshines and supercedes all other histories. The history of all nations put together does not contain even a part of what his life contained of noble conduct, glory, sincerity, jihad and calling others for the sake of Allah.

In this book it discussus his lineage, his family and his life during the Jahiliyah, as well as his becoming Muslim and his migration (hijrah), the effect that the Holy Qur?an and his keeping company with the Prophet (S) had on training him and forming his Islamic personality it discussus the role he played in military campaigns and in the society of Madeenah during the lifetime of the Prophet (S) and of Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq ®. It describes how he was appointed as caliph and explains the foundations of his way of ruling, such as shoora (consultation), establishinng justice and equality among people, and his respect for personal freedom it points out the most important characterists of ?Umar, his family life, his respect for Ahl al Bayt and his life in society after he became the caliph of the Muslims.

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