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Author Topic: MY first day at school  (Read 2702 times)
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« on: Jan 03, 2008 08:19 PM »

Salaam Allaikum

I now believe, I can truly relate to those sweet 5 and 6 years olds heading off to their
first day of Kindergarten.  Yesterday I started college.
Talk about butteries in ones stomach!!!
My first class was Psychology. I was surprised when the teacher arrived and started talking
as I found her to be a bit unprepared, a bit informal and what one might considered scatter brained.
She rattled about personal things rather than school things.
Maybe she too was nervous? Maybe that was her way of warming up to us or allowing
us to warm up to her. She didn't know how to run the over head equipment.  Shocked Huh?
I found myself wondering if she was ever going to stop talking about
what she and others did over their winter break.
I was nervous coming to class today and more so when I seen most the class
consisted of mainly kids 25 plus years my junior and 10 years my own children's junior.
However I am  looking forward to this class. I think it will be quite interesting.
By class end I was beginning to relax. (sort of) Grin

My next class was Spanish 101.
I'm really looking forward to learning a new language.
I only wish it were Arabic. Maybe next year, Inshallah
The teacher of this class is quite different. I'm always amazed ay how people
raised in other countries seem to have a much different mannerism  than my
own countrymen and women. She is a gal from Italy, seems to be quite reserved and quite proper.
This is an observation, not a complaint.
Nice, to the point and serious in manor.
In meeting people who were raised in other countries I see my own kind
(Americans) to many times be to informal. A bit on the abrupt side.
Lacking certain respects and treating strangers as if they were ones best friends.
Kind of like the difference between a Baptist and a Catholic.
Catholics, in my opinion,  seem to be more reverent to Allah than Baptist.
More formal in their prayers, their manor at church.
Many of you won't know what I'm talking about so I'll move on.
I was very happy to find others in this one class not only closer to my age
but actually my age and older. As the class progressed I was really getting into learning
another language.

I then get to go home (It's about 10:45 am) as my next class isn't for approx 4 more hours.
I called my mom and told her how things went.
Called my 28 year old son in Maryland. He has been a great source of encouragment.
I hope I make him proud of me. That kid is so wonderful and so filled with wisdom and insight.
I then relax, eat  bebzi and tend to my goats.  Wink

My next class is English Comp 101.
Before I share this experience with you, maybe I need to give you some history on this.  Roll Eyes
I believe I may be going through midlife crisis  Cheesy
Being in my mid 40's I look back with some regrets as I feel I have wasted so much time and
worry how much more time Allah will allow me in this life.
(Hoping for 30 more years.)
Wanting to start my career before I'm to old to be able to do it, I decide I really need to hurry.
Disregarding all advice I take on 13 credits. Three classes in all.
Then I get to feeling way to self confident and as an after thought I decide to add English Comp 101.
This making my 13 credit (3 classes) now 18 credits and 4 classes.
I have an eight grade education. I kid you not brothers and sisters.
I ran away from home at 13. Lied about my age and obtained a full time job in a factory and
acquired myself a little apartment. By 15 I had met and married a 19 year old military man.
Actually a 19 year old military boy. (As I now see it from the eyes of a middle aged woman)
We have our children when I was 16 and 17. I'm then divorced by the age of 19.
In my 20's not knowing my knee from my elbow  Roll Eyes I walk in with no preparation and
take the GED test and pass with a score higher than normal  Shocked.
That was in the 80's. Fast forward to to weeks ago and out of the blue I decide it's time to
get a career. I want to be an ultrasound tech and a midwife.
I walk into a community college totally expecting to need some major pre college course work.
I take the assessment test and score college level English Shocked
How in the world did that happen  Shocked???

Fast forward to yesterday.
I walk into my English 101 class and upon first observation of the instructor my first thought
of the instructor was, OK, I dead. You know how we get those [re conceived notions on first glance? Cheesy
My first impression is, ok, older man, knows his stuff, I'm in trouble.
Typical college professor looking type and here I am a middle aged mother, grandmother and goat herder Cheesy
who doesn't have a clue.
He starts to talk and I am relieved to discover he is actually human  Cheesy and quite a
warm person. Talks to the class not at the class.
Then I discover he's a high school teacher  Shocked and panic over takes me.
I have 2, maybe 3 months of high school from when I was 13?
I'm now in panic mode thinking I'll never pass this class, I'm in deep doo doo and took
on more than I should of. Where is the common sense Allah gave me Huh?
I then see the class syllabus and decide I need to promptly be committed.
What was I thinking when I added this course Huh?
As each student introduces themselves I'm wishing I could crawl under the table.
These 'kids' are like 10 years plus my own children's junior.
They are 17, 18, 19 and 20. A couple who may be in their mid to late 20's.
One has children the ages of my grandchildren.
Here I am sitting in the back of the class, smelling like a goat cause I tended to my goats before I came to class
and didn't allow enough time to change clothes before coming to class and 46 years old. Undecided
During break I talk to the instructor and explain my circumstances and express my concerns that
I may of taken one to much for my first quarter in college. Due to my needing nearly straight A's to get into both
the ultrasound program and the Midwifery program I can't afford to get a low grade. I can't afford to fail.
I had asked what the last day to drop the class would be, where it would not effect my GPA in the end.
His response was calming. Basically to (not verbatim) take a deep breath and see how
the first few days of class go. Maybe my worries are premature.

So my brothers and sister, the moral of this story is  Smiley
get your education now before you're my age.
I would think that it would be much easier.
And then you won't find yourself years later middle aged with wonder and regrets of the past.
My final conclusion? Youth is truly wasted on the young.
I can only hope Allah permits me many more years to not only
acquire this education but to be able to use it to his glory and honor.
And to serve other women in the manor I would of liked to have been served during
my childbearing years.

Please make dua's for me to be able to see and follow the path I am meant to follow in life.

Aziza purplehijabisis
« Reply #1 on: Jan 09, 2008 09:59 PM »

Wow that's so exciting.  Making me nostalgic for my college days.
In my experience psychology professors are almost always scatterbrained or a little strange in one way or another.
English comp!!! Ack.  I was able to skip that by submitting a portfolio of essays I'd written.  There are also tests you can take for credit and take time off your degree.  They're called CLEP (I forget what it stands for).
What courses do you need to get into the midwifery program?  How long will it take?

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« Reply #2 on: Jan 11, 2008 07:57 PM »

Subhanallah, sounds like you had quite a day! My psych teacher was also a little weird...she was also a feminist which made things "interesting" to say the least. But looking back psychology was good fun, especially wen we all got together to revise and ended up just dissing all the psychologists, especially Frued or used the theories to "psychoanalyse" other friends who didn't do psych, and annoy the hell out of them.   Cheesy

Sometimes, i wish I could go back to school, just so I could learn and discuss something new with everyone else.  And also, its only in school, you come across some lecturer's, teachers or even othe students who have done some really interesting things in their life.   
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« Reply #3 on: Jan 12, 2008 04:19 PM »

As salaamu alaikum

Sounds like an interesting first day, but you can handle it and while we are in many different places, know we are here to encourage and cheer you on.  With age comes wisdom of experience, something that cannot be acquired from a book.  Many colleges recognize this so much so that they offer college credit for life experience.  And if like you said you walked in, took the GED and passed with a higher score than would have been anticipated, then it shows that you had gained knowledge that helped you accomplish what others may not have expected you to.

You said you are a goat herder, well let's see - business savvy- accounting and negotiation skills, agricultural knowledge and skills,  and a list of others.  This vast wealth of knowledge will serve you well as you take your classes.

As salaamu alaikum


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« Reply #4 on: Jan 13, 2008 04:07 PM »

 peace be upon you Sister Aziza,

I just wanted to let you know that I am really proud of you for going to school.  Kiss  You are a good example for other muslims that we should always continue to learn and do our best.  As for taking too many courses,  it depends on if you want to pull all nighters! peace  I'm getting too old and so even when reportcards are due I won't stay up all night, because then I don't have any energy for the kids.   teacher

You are in my thoughts and insha'Allah everything will go well.


Marcie pinkhijabisis
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« Reply #5 on: Jan 18, 2008 06:56 AM »

Slm Sr Aziza, you are SUCH an inspiration to us, Alhumduliallah.

Youth is truly wasted on the young.
this is to be added to FAVOURITE quote...

I can only hope Allah permits me many more years to not only
acquire this education but to be able to use it to his glory and honor.
And to serve other women in the manor I would of liked to have been served during
my childbearing years.

Please make dua's for me to be able to see and follow the path I am meant to follow in life.

Insha Allah may all your dreams and aspirations be realised.   Kiss

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